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Last week we travelled over to the dreaded England to spend a week with Dus' sister and her family. We love them so much that we're willing to spend the time in England, but are still trying to persuade them all to move to Wales. It's not working.

I took photos of my outfits each day because I was trying a capsule wardrobe and wanted to know if I actually wore everything I took or whether I didn't take everything I needed. I pack constantly in fear of not having enough clothes so this time I really took what I considered to be the bare minimum.

This is what I took.
1 x maxi dress
1 x skirt
1 x jeans
2 x cardigans
1 x blouse
7 x tops (mostly whites or neutrals)
1 x fleece
1 x pair of pyjamas
2 x scarves
1 x pair of sandals
1 x pair of ballet flats
1 x pair of converse
& the usual underwear

The only things I didn't wear were the ballet flats. I had to go and buy a hoodie and some joggers because I was cold! I forgot that we were going on holiday in August in the UK. Average temperatures of 18C (64F).

So here are my outfits.

Jeans, white top, scarf, converse. 

My vanish oxi powder obviously works, look how bright and glowing my top is!

Jeans, white top, scarf, sandals. 
These first two days we were staying overnight at a hotel on the way so I packed one overnight bag for Dus and I with our jammies, wash bags & just a clean t shirt and undies. Adding the scarf was an easy way to make my outfit look likAdd captione I put some thought into it rather than just didn't want to have to unpack my proper bag!

Skirt, vest top, cardigan, sandals. 

Skirt, top, cardigan, sandals, scarf, sunglasses & ridiculously floppy sunhat. No, it wasn't sunny. 
I bought this sunhat in Cardiff for £2.50 on Saturday morning before we were due to meet my brother for our day trip and then begin our week away, I love it, but it really wasn't sunny enough for it!

Maxi dress, cardigan, sandals, necklace

Jeans, top, blouse, cardigan, converse, necklace

Jeans, top, cardigan, slippers. 
This was my outfit for Friday, it was raining all morning and then we had to stay in to wait for the boiler man so I just dressed comfy.

Jeans, top, scarf 
Travelling home I didn't take a proper pic, just a funny selfie with Dus driving!

I only wore my white and blue scarf once and my maxi dress once. It was nice to have the options there though. My new hoodie and joggers I bought were perfect for the evenings when I was chilly. Next time I'll have to take them!

All in all, it still all fitted into one small bag, definitely much less than I usually take and because most things co-ordinated together I had lots of choice to feel as though I was wearing different outfits.

Here's a nice pic of Dus to finish the post, riding our nephew's balance bike down a scary little slope.

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  1. I love how coordinated it all is. it looks like every piece would work in each possible combo. Well done you. I love the way you also managed to include patterns and plains. The border on the skirt adds to all of the tops too. When I have done packed this way I have kept more to plains with just a couple of patterned accessories and one patterned top. I love it. Isn't it liberating to travel light? Any other comments on how it felt?

  2. No lie, I had to go google what "joggers" were. I kept thinking they were a kind of running shoes, but couldn't understand that since you had a pair of converse along. Now that I know, sweatpants make much more sense! :D

    Also I really like the floral blouse with the bobble cardi. That's a great outfit!

  3. I travel extremely light when I go away for a few days. I take one outfit for when we visit family and the rest of the stuff is just tops and a couple of trousers. I very rarely wear skirts or dresses and being as I stay at my daughters I just was things as I need them. You look gorgeous whatever you wear but I must say your maxi dress makes you look half the size you are. Hope that doesn't sound like I'm calling you big LOLLLL far from it, it's just the dress is very flattering.

  4. I love your coordinated packing! I'll have to try that the next time we go traveling. All of your outfits were so cute, too! I think your cool temperatures sound so lovely, too! Of course, that could have something to do with the factt that the temp here today was in the upper 80°sF, and it's supposed to hit above 90°F and I'm going in and out of many hot/sticky non-air conditioned schools.


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