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Sometimes it's hard to think up inventive titles, right? A while back we were going on holiday to north Wales....let me look back and see when that was.  End of May says Mr Blog. END OF MAY?! Where has the time gone?

Anyhoo, the day before we were due to go away I decided I needed a new bag....I know you're all nodding in agreement because you understand. I settled on the Two Zip Hipster by Dog under my Desk. I think because I'd bought it in Michelle Patterns $5 Friday sale.

I made it up using some washed roses cotton duck by Cath Kidston. Those of you who are observant will have noticed I've inserted my front zip the wrong way round. I like to pretend it's a right handed zip... :-/
(Update: I've noticed on all the photos I can find of this bag that all our zips are that way, maybe it's in the instructions!)

Where I have prided myself on sewing as close to a zip as possible in the past, it almost became my undoing. It's kinda tricky to undo a zip on a bag like this if it's sewn too close....just remember that for the future!

 Front pockets. I lined the front pockets & inside with some green pindot cotton.

Inside is a zipped pocket, two slip pockets and a swivel clip for hooking my keys onto.

All loaded up with my kindle in the front slip pocket and a ton of junk useful stuff inside.

I like the bag, I use it a fact, these photos were taken now, in August, after a couple of months of good heavy use. The duck was a tiny bit too thick for my machine and so I've got a few skipped stitches on the top stitching around the seams. The only downside I can find to this bag is that the pockets are a bit too deep. I don't mind the bag being deep enough to carry a bottle of water, even when zipped up, but it's frustrating to not be able to pick out your lip balm because it's fallen right to the bottom. I think if I made it again I'd just make a couple of the inside pockets shorter and maybe the front zipped pocket a bit shorter inside too.

I don't often make bags for myself, so when I do, I want it to be perfect for my needs, I'm sure you're the same when you're sewing.

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  1. Now how the heck did you get that top zip so neat, mine always buckle. Please tell me the secret!

  2. Now how the heck did you get that top zip so neat, mine always buckle. Please tell me the secret!

  3. Oh!!!!!!!!! That fabric looks familiar. LOLLLL My zippers are always put in that way so I wouldn't have noticed. Gorgeous bag and how on earth did you sew that the day before you left. You must be supper woman.

  4. OOOOH WOW...Love it!! The bag AND the fabrics,,,so gorgeous!!! Poka-dot and floral, mmmmm good.

  5. Love your fabrics! (I guess I don't mind if the zip goes the other direction... As long as it works!! lol) I adore dots in the lining, too.
    I made mine for carrying around a tablet/docking station.
    Love yours!

  6. Oh my gosh!! I have been looking for a bag like this! I am totally in love with yours!! Thanks so much for all the info!!

  7. That bag looks great. sweet fabric. I am surprised that with a white base to the fabric it is still nice and clean. I don't dare use a pale or white fabric.
    Is it big enough? I keep seeing the cute hipster bags and they look like they wouldn't hold enough. Essentials: Long purse, reading glasses, sunnies, phone, tissues, lippy, keys, water bottle, pens, notebook, girls stuffs etc...

  8. there is no such thing as a right-handed or left-handed zip! A zip is a zip is a zip... has Dus sent you out to buy any tartan paint recently?


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