Things I love about Dusband


Every now and then I like to tell you of the little things about Dus that make me love him even more. Here's the latest selection for your viewing pleasure.

When making a cocktail, he'll use EVERYTHING available to embellish it.

This flat Victoria Sponge should have been the first sign that our oven wasn't quite as wonderful as I'd hoped it would be!

He is overjoyed when he finishes work at lunchtime and finds a proper tea laid out for him, but doesn't mind making his own lunch the very next day. And every day after that for months.

He (reluctantly) takes photos of me in a very bubbly bath and then makes me promise not to put it on my blog. We're still working on my obeying him....

I asked some of my friends what they love about Dus and here are what they said:

My very good friend Megan from California said:  His grilling prowess. And his genuinely good-natured personality. He is a gentleman in every sense of the word.

She knows that boy!

My younger sister Amanda said:  The way he attacks food when he eats it!

She's right...he really does apply himself to the task at hand with no idle chitter chatter needed!

And my sewing friend Maria said: He's fantastic with computer problems LOLL

I can't remember what it was that was broken, but a couple of emails had it sorted!

Following my prompt for things we love about Dus I was reminded to take a photo of Dus with his plant sprayer. He looks after the peace lily at church in our lower hall and he takes his duties very seriously. He waters, he sprays, he wipes off the leaves, he turns it so that it equally receives sunshine!

His plant sprayer is not very manly though!

He doesn't look very impressed because I told him this photo would go on the blog! Ignore our Pastor's arm on the left there!

I did wonder whether we should get him a more manly sprayer, but he said he's happy with this one....who am I to argue?

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  1. I just thought of something else ... he tolerates (dare I say he doesn't mind) your blogging about him and telling the whole world how great he is. :)

  2. And don't forget he helped you create the Perfect Paisley Floor!!



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