How to make the most of your maxi (no matter how chilly!)


You know me, I get cold easily. Really easily! While Dus is busy turning the thermostat down, I'm always sneaking it back up! I have been since I was old enough to know what a thermostat was.

So when I bought a maxi dress, and a maxi skirt, I had to think ahead, because in Wales, there aren't many hot days! Me, being cheap, wanted to know I'd get MAXImum wear out of my MAXI. Gosh, I'm witty today!

Anyway, so here I am in my maxi for autumn. I had on a jacket & scarf over my maxi dress....but I had many more secrets than that!

So, what secrets do I have under my jacket and dress? (Don't worry, all pics are modest!).

I thought to myself, "Self, the key to staying warm is layers, how many layers can you get on under this dress before you feel like the michelin man".

So, first of all I started with a top in a neutral colour and thermal leggings. (Thick tights would work just as well). I also added thermal socks for extra warmth. Then I added my dress, boots, and a cardigan. Add a jacket & scarf and I was toasty warm!

When it gets a bit cooler I can change the cardi for a nice chunky jumper and a thicker jacket, and change the top to long sleeve.

Hurrah for simple solutions to being chilly!

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  1. You look very smart, no-one old guess.
    I do tend to worry about being run over by a bus though :-)
    I agree, add layers rather than turn up the heat.

    1. Thank you :)

      I don't worry about getting run over by a bus, they're not that regular round here LOL!

  2. Doh, that should read would not old.
    Senior moment!!

  3. Cute! Wow, it must get cold there early. We had 97 degrees F. just two days ago! I like the long skirt and I'm going to be looking for some thick tights to wear with it. But I'm fickle about the heat. I want my house warm until night. Then I want to sleep in a cold room with lots of heavy covers on the bed.

  4. Very cute and well thought out! Makes your purchase a year-round investment! Staying warm is not something we worry too much about, here in Florida, but I like what you have done!!

    1. Investment! I like that...I'm going to use it next time I want to buy some more clothes!

      I have a friend in Florida and she teases me about how warm it is there while I'm freezing away over here!

  5. I always layer leggings under my long skirts too. I've known people who claim a skirt is warmer than trousers but NEVER!!! (Well, not unless there are leggings and/or tights underneath!)

  6. This is such a cute look! I was just watching a short fashion video that showed a girl that was taking her "summer" looks and then altering them for the fall, almost like you have done. I'm just not that fashionable right now, I guess. Well, plus I'm always going in and out of schools so I almost never wear skirts AND you can never tell if a school will be hot or cold :-/


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