Just call me Sherlock


This week's What I wore Sunday is an audience participation one, I need your opinions.

I bought this Dorothy Perkins tweed cape in the summer at the charity shop (as I tend to do) and then yesterday it was a grotty enough day to justify wearing a proper autumn coat/jacket. The only thing is, I didn't know if I looked a bit too comical and Sherlock-y...what do you think?

Yay, or nay?

Excuse the raindrops, as you can see it was raining on the way home, hence the indoor pics again!

I wore it with my 10p skinny jeans, and my more than 10p brown boots thinking it would be best to have a slim shape on one half if the top half is big and billowing!

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  1. Gorgeous!!! (I may be biased, I have fabric for one very similar waiting to be cut out on my sewing table at the moment). Definitely works well with the slim lower half :)

  2. love it! It really works with the skinnies and boots.
    rock it with confidence... and a hat, pipe and witty repartee. ;)
    It looks like a lot of fun and nice and warm. Are your church the happy clappy type? It might be a tad tricky to get really clappy or high-hands-waiving in the air ;). I guess that would help to warm you up a bit.

  3. Definitely agree it looks good with your slim lower half.
    10p jeans!
    Gosh, our charity shops are quite expensive here.

  4. It is very cute and you look great in it. I'm tall (5'11") and would want it to be a little longer for me, but it looks fabulous on you. Not Sherlock Holmesy at all.

  5. I totally love it. You were smart to balance it with skinny bottom and awesome jacket top! You look trendy in my opinion!! Good choice!

  6. It looks very stylish. I really like it on you!!! Love the collar :)

  7. is that a pocket on the back? looks cool to me

  8. I agree with everyone else, It looks great! Really lovin' the buttons and collar!

  9. Love it! Not too Sherlock-y at all. I think it works well with the jeans and boots. That collar does it for me. Very smart.
    Super-kudos as well for it being a charity shop find. One of my favourite winter-wears is a 70s tweedic double-breasted coat with a high collar - looks a bit like a 1930's car coat - which cost about £9. So, I salute you.

  10. You can totally rock that! It looks super stylish and adorable!

  11. Definitely not too Sherlocky. You don't have the deerstalker! It looks nice! I have envies (even though I have a tweedy Holmes cape!)


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