The Legolas bag {A Fiona Post}


Sara @ Sew Sweetness sent me a lovely new pattern to test a few weeks ago, only she made a mistake with the name again. She called it the Aragon bag, but we all know it's Legolas who's the cutie, don't we? I'm not sure what LOTR has to do with nappies, but it's a nappy bag/large handbag. Diaper to you in the States.

I got bonus points for including a well co-ordinated outfit photo. Those of you who are observant will notice something familiar about my jeans/boots and may guess (correctly) that this is the blouse that was underneath my cape! What's a girl to do when she needs to photograph something and her husband is busy ALL. THE. TIME!

I used some vintage Sandersons & Sons upholstery fabric from Dus' Granny's stash (thanks Granny!) and it was a very tight fit to cut the pieces I could, so left off some of the pockets, including the front one and two inside side pockets.

I used brown leather handles for a more luxury look, after all, we all need a bit of luxury in our lives!

This bag does have bound seams inside and you all know how much I hate binding seams. So much so that I spent 3 weeks working out a method to make a bag without bound seams. Why I volunteered to test this pattern, knowing it had bound seams, I have no idea, but I'm pleased I did.

Let's call it a moment of madness that's turned into a bag of joy.

However, in the interests of full disclosure, I still haven't finished sewing down the binding inside, one side of it is just open, flapping in the breeze. (There isn't much breeze inside the bag).

Anyway, scoot your bottoms over to Sara's blog to see a post with all of the testers different versions. I'm particularly keen on my good friend Liz's one!

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  1. Beautiful fabric and I love the leather straps. I nearly did like you and leave the binding unfinished but luckily I managed to finish on time. I agree with you Liz's is soooo nice.

  2. That is really NICE!! And I always love photos of the human. :-)

  3. Great version! The leather handles make it looks very professional! Congrats!

  4. Good looking bag! Looks like a good size for travelling.

  5. Hi Samantha...I like the fabric you used & the leather straps! I might have to make on in with flowers ??!
    I'm glad you like my version :-)
    It looks good next to my kinky pouch !LOL

  6. That bag looks great. The fabric is beautiful and I love how you managed to get the flowers on the front and the stripes only for the top and sides. It definitely is the nicest nappy bag I have seen in a while. Now I am off to check out the rest of the bags.

  7. cool bag! I love that you get dressed specially for these photos, we all know you live in your pjs the rest of the time. I'm a bit behind on my blog reading...


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