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Hello lovelies, friends old & new!

I thought that now I've hit the big time *cough* I'd take this opportunity to welcome those popping over from Sew Sweetness, and also tell you a little about myself.

Fancy dress party....

I'm Samantha. I'm 30 and I live in the beautiful country of Wales. No, it's not IN England, it's next to England. (p.s. don't tell anyone I'm English, I love living in Wales!) Wales is the lovely sticky out bit between England and Ireland.
Dusbot on sound desk at church

I've got a wonderful husband called Dus. Sometimes I call him the Dusband, sometimes I call him the Dusbot. He does have various robotic tendencies, so it's fairly likely he was sent back from the future.

We run a web development company together called Hussey Coding, and we specialise in developing Magento e-commerce stores. I don't often talk about the business because I much prefer sewing/baking/cleaning out the oven than coding!!

We also run the church youth group, help out with Kidz club, and I'm the church secretary. Sometimes I preach at church, sometimes Dus does the sound desk, sometimes we sit back and relax!

Where were we? Oh yes, back to me. I've got 6 sewing patterns which you can find in my etsy store. For this lovely purse palooza I've popped all 6 into one listing for a discounted price of £15. Trying to save other people money is a Welsh thing, I seem to have caught on!

I've got possibly the greatest group of bag sewing personnel who test my patterns, they like to keep my feet on the ground. I'm sure they'll be commenting on this post soon reminding me how wonderful I am....or maybe not?

This little blog is my slice of internet, sometimes I ramble on, sometimes I post something useful, sometimes I post something boring. To date, my most successful blog post is about how to clean brass handles. Not even about bags! Oh well, never mind!

It's lovely of you to pop over and visit here, whether you've come from the purse palooza or whether you've found me through other blogs recently, you're very welcome.

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  1. Cute hat..and you called my bag kinky !! LOL
    Here's to hitting the big time !! ;-)

  2. Woah hang on let's not be too hasty- cleaning the oven out is never preferential to anything!

  3. Well, I can't sew and haven't the faintest idea what your coding business is all about,
    I'm happy I found your blog being another English living in Wales person.
    I think that may be all we have in common...enjoys cleaning the oven NOT :-)

  4. I just saw your beautiful bag.. it's awesome.. and I also get my rivets wonky. I think I'm going to start using a small template out of cardboard with the holes punched so it will help get them evenly spaced.

  5. you are so cute - I checked out your blog this weekend as a 'preview' of Purse Palooza - your patterns are nice and I sure like your style!

  6. I agree with Sara and Liz, you are both hilarious and kinky LOLLLL and I love your wonky rivets and you to bits.

  7. We just love your purse and bag designs! You are a very talented designer, and modest about that gift that you have!


  8. You forgot something important? You talked about the Dus and even showed his picture, but there is NO MENTION OF ME in this blog post at all. Fail.


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