What I wore Sunday


Hello lovelies,

Yesterday I was preaching so I thought I'd better make my usual jeans a bit neater! I added a check blouse with a really lovely ruffle front (it's a pain to iron!) and then added my brown heels.

People seemed to receive my message well, so apparently it doesn't matter whether you preach in jeans or not!

Fortunately we go to a very relaxed church, we welcome all, whether they're wearing a beautiful Sunday outfit + hat, or wearing jeans, trainers and a super hero shirt!!

Right, on with the week, a lot to do again!!

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  1. Us too with our attire! In fact, yesterday I had nursery duty so I wore jeans and flip flops :) Ah, gotta love Florida. Even in the fall we can wear flip flops :)

  2. We see shorts and halters in our church. This is Florida. No one dresses up anymore. You looked fantastic, by the way. Love the outfit and the shoes!!


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