Freezer meals


The biggest issue with making lots of meals for the freezer, is that then you eat them and have to make more!

This was one of my things on my giant to do list, but because we keep eating them, I'll take it off now!

From left to right, 2 pots of chopped onions, 2 vegetable lasagne, 3 vegetable pasta bakes, 7 tomato starters (ready to make into whatever), 3 leek & potato soup, 3 broccoli & cheddar soup.

There's still plenty of room in the freezer, thank goodness Dus keeps filling it up with bread!

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  1. Your freezer space is making me jealous! What's in that photo would fill our freezer twice over!

  2. Great idea. But you're right, it's just like vacuuming. You do it...and then have to do it again later! Like so many things in life. LOL I mean, really, why spend money on groceries - we're just going to eat them anyway!! ;-)

  3. Everytime I see that someone is making freezer meals, I could kick myself for not getting into the practice of planning ahead. Good for you!!!

  4. You are so amazingly organised. Stuff like that would be forgotten about in our house (our freezer is filled with chips and ice creams, isn't that terrible? lol) It's such an awesome idea to have a stack of freezer meals though!

  5. So true! I love having meals in the freezer for those lazy "I really don't want to cook!" night, but then I think about all the work it takes to make them when we run out. Usually I just make a large batch of something for dinner on the weekends and then freeze the extras. It's so much easier than doing everything all at once!

  6. Preparation is always the key to speedy meals. We do a lot of it here. I can make a meal in no time with stuff I have in the freezer. Do you freeze you onions raw?


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