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Friends, there is 2 months & 2 days left til Christmas. Within a month, you'll be thinking of Christmas and then soon after the new year. What of your WIP pile? How many works in progress do you have? I would really, really, really love to start next year without a WIP pile.

*break for you all to roll around laughing now*

One of the things in my pile was my very first prototype Rosie bag. I used an upcycled pillow case for the base and some olive twill for the top, just to size things out and test. It's sat unloved ever since, but I haven't been able to throw it away, because I made it! Anyone else feel like this?

I decided enough was enough so I ordered some brown leather handles from bag-clasps.co.uk and a half meter of Robert Kaufman for Kona solid in the Oyster colour.

Not bad for an old pillowcase, right?

I put 1 zipped pocket, and 2 slip pockets inside along with a 'handmade by Mrs H' label. I was amazed at how quickly I can sew a zipped pocket when I'm not taking step-by-step photos!

I took photos of how to attach leather handles though if that helps? I'll post that later in the week for anyone who'd find it useful!

Instead of making the patchwork I just used this fabric as a solid, you just skip the patchwork parts of the pattern and just cut out the pattern from your solid fabric. If you want to make your own Rosie bag, you can find it in my etsy store for £3.

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  1. Yeah I do that too, I have loads of bags I have made, but made pretty badly so that the straps have broken but I haven't been bothered to fix them. I might make that my goal for the Lovely Year of Finishes before spiders decide to move in.

  2. I love your blog & bags, thank you for sharing it all with us. I am looking for some lovely labels to put on my handmade stuff, can you recommend the place where you got your labels from? Tracy (Bristol)

    1. Hi Tracy, I've been hunting for your email address and can't find it so I'm answering here in the hope you pop back and see this!

      I bought these labels from a seller on ebay, I don't think they've got an unebay shop but they were really helpful and efficient. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/50-Sew-In-Garment-Labels-Handicraft-Labels-Care-Labels-/181233603447?pt=UK_Crafts_Sewing_Supplies_MJ&hash=item2a325d5377

      I told them which font I wanted (Lobster 1.3) which I found for free on dafont.com and they did a mock up for approval before printing them.

      Hope this helps,
      Samantha x

  3. That is a very cute bag, and it's amazing that you used a pillow case. Inspiring!!

  4. I love, love, love this bag! I do hope you will do a tutorial on doing the handles. I have a problem with the inside of my bags being a little to baggy. I cut them by the pattern but the insides do not look so neatly finished as yours. Any suggestions!

  5. Your pillow case bag looks great. ! I have a couple of cute pillowcases and am a bit inspired to make them into bags now. thanks.

  6. Nice job Samantha!!! I love all about your bag, and you used a pillowcase !!!!!
    Beautiful, I also love the fabrics, the combination of colors and texture, just beautiful :)
    Marisa from http://passionetcouture.blogspot.ca/

  7. Love this bag with the leather handles! This pattern can look so cool and different using different fabrics and handles, can't it?! (Great design + imagination = beautiful bag!)


  8. which bit's the pillow case?? It's lovely, I need to make an other one of these

  9. Oh no, I'm definitely not ready for the Christmas countdown! Unfortunately, I'll probably be adding far more things to my WIP pile than I'll be able to finish in time for the Holidays. I always get big plans for the handmade gifts that I'll make the family. Good Luck on you list though. The purse looks great! (love that print!)

  10. That bag is really beautiful! I can't believe it's made from a pillowcase! The leather handles just put it over the edge--no one would ever guess it's handmade with handles like that!


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