Herod's beaded collar


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Today's post is one from the nativity costumes list & is one of the first items we started on. The basic construction of the collar wasn't hard or time consuming, but we wanted plenty of time for embellishing.

Cardiff's Herod

The Cardiff nativity had one large collar (slightly puffy) made from Navy crushed velvet lined with scarlet and embellished. We decided on one large shoulder cape (slightly stiff) and a very heavily embellished smaller collar. The shoulder cape will be embellished too. We decided 'more is more' for Herod!

It feels a bit naughty to put so much time & attention into the costume of the man who wanted to kill our Lord!

First I started out drafting a collar on some baking paper based on my husband's shoulders. I've since learnt he's a skinny minny and I should have measured someone with a bit more stature! It still fits ok though!

I cut 1 piece of black soft & stable that size, then I cut 2 pieces of black cotton slightly larger, around 1/4" larger all round for seam allowance.

I stitched one piece of black cotton to the soft & stable using gold embroidery thread and a long stitch length.

(Black is not the best for the photos!)

Next I placed the other piece of black cotton on top of the other two layers , cotton to cotton, right sides together and stitched around the two rounded edges, and one short edge.

Next I turned it through that one short edge. This took a bit of persuading!

Here it is waiting to be pressed flat.

Next I pressed it flat, and turned under the short edge, then stitched the gap closed.

Next I handed it over to Marion and then Andrea in our costumes group who embellished it using some pre-made appliqués and some hand beading. This collar is going to be thrown on the floor at least 3 times a day, so we needed to make sure that it was solid. I went along the back after the beading and painted on a thin layer of glue, to make sure that if one of the threads snapped, nothing else would unravel!

Marion stitched on the knot work appliqué and the two sequin panels before handing it over to Andrea for beading. We've got some more of the black & gold knot work pieces to go onto his cloak.

Here's Andrea once she'd finished the beading. No wonder she looks happy!!

I can't wait to show you some more of Herod's outfit, it should be very attractive when it's finished!!

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  1. WOW!!!!! Such talent and creativity. Seriously.

  2. No kidding, it must be fun to work with a group on that type of project. But really! All that effort spent on Herod??! ;-)

  3. What a talented and creative team you have to make the costumes! This is awesome... and KEEP it to hand down through the generations at church!!


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