The lectern at the tip


Strictly speaking we don't have tips here anymore, we have recycling centres. By far the most overflowing container is usually the 'non recyclables', but the guys who work there are great at helping people recycle what they can. It makes me mad every time I walk past a container and see something in there that could be used by someone else, if the person had bothered to give it to a charity shop instead.

Last time we went I was rather amused by the lectern that the workers had positioned in the middle of the containers, with the day's clipboard & papers on. That's recycling as it should be!

They even chained it to the lamp post to make sure people knew it wasn't available for taking! There is a large shed where they put the things that can be re-used by people so that you can go and see if there's anything you can use!

What's the oddest thing you've ever seen at the tip?

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  1. I don't even know what a tip is. Is it a dumpster? If so, I can't think of anything, but this is a good reminder that I need to keep cleaning out and giving to someone who can use it - especially winter clothes this time of year.

  2. I 'assume' you mean at the local trash/dump? Trucks come around and pick up our trash and recycle bins, so I have never been to our dump. I do understand that they also have a place to drop things off that might be useful to someone else, though. A good idea!

  3. I get mad when people throw stuff out rather than take it to a charity shop, too. Unless you're living right next door to a tip, it's probably faster to leave stuff at a charity shop lol

    The fact the workers at your tip put usable stuff in a big shed is awesome. I don't think they do anything like that at ours, though the few times I've been there it's been a case of 'dump stuff in appropriate giant container and go'. There isn't really time for lollygagging or looking around there because it's always really busy!

    That lectern is lovely though! Good on the tip workers for making use of it! I've never seen anything that interesting at the tip, but a lady I know bought a rug from there before it was revamped, for something stupid like 50p, and it was worth about £200! Talk about a bargain lol

  4. I never throw anything out before making sure it can't be recycled in some way. It could be years before I throw something out just to make sure LOLL that's why our house is like a tip.

  5. Taking a guess on what the tip is as well, but my Dad is what people generally refer to as a "dumpster diver" here in the states. He works construction, and they throw out brand new stuff all the time. The 2nd level of his barn is filled with things like medicine cabinets, cartons of screws and nails, door knobs, boxes of tiles, rolls of extra carpet, electric drills, and the like. We joke that he's probably collected enough "junk" out of the bin that he could completely remodel his house for free!


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