What I wore Sunday


Autumn is in full swing here so I went a little crazy this Sunday and dressed fully autumnal! I felt a bit crazy!

Brown boots, spotty tights, black skirt, stripey grey t-shirt, mustard cardigan & brown belt. I've always stuck with the rule that spots & stripes don't go together, and black and brown don't go together so I felt really crazy and like a rebel in this outfit!

I did double check with my girl Stacey at church that my belt didn't look silly, I've never worn a belt on the outside of my cardi before!
She assured me that she would have come and told me if it did look silly when I walked in. I'm so lucky to have the friends I do!

As you can see it's that time of year when we start sporting our poppies. I thought this was an international thing, but then I realised it's not! We use the poppy as a symbol of remembrance for those who gave their lives in the armed forces. We place wreaths made of poppies at the bases of war memorials on remembrance Sunday or 11th November, and we purchase poppies to wear on our lapels with the funds going to veterans.

I believe we've used poppies since the 1920's with the Royal British Legion organising the poppy appeal, because the poppy grew in abundance on the fields of Flanders.

It's important for me to purchase & wear a poppy, but it does make me question when the tv is filled with poppy wearers in the first couple of weeks of November, whether the people on tv have bought their own poppy, or if the BBC just buys a few hundred boxes every year and gives them to people just as they're going on. It makes me question whether they're wearing them for the sake of wearing them and keeping up appearances, or wearing them in remembrance.

Fortunately I'm not the boss of poppy wearing so it's not my problem, just something that crosses my mind when this time of year rolls around.

My uncle Bob is a veteran of the Royal Navy and often takes part in parades around this time, often for the Queen. Thank you Robert for your service.

I found this pic of him when he was a young recruit too on facebook:

Hope Bob doesn't mind my pinching it!!

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  1. Hi Samantha! We in the USA do know about poppies, and the Veterans groups sell them on our Veterans' Day (November 11), to raise money for various veteran organizations and projects. It is not a month-long thing, but we do see them on Veterans' Day each year.

    Your outfit looks great, and I like the belt with your sweater. Browns and blacks, silvers and golds - all once thought to not go together, we now know looks just fine mixed (red & pink, too!). I think it's whatever your are comfortable wearing!

    Wishing you a good week ahead!!

  2. Nice outfit. You're lucky that you can get away with wearing mustard yellow! I love that colour for clothing but it looks horrible on me lol

    I always wonder that about people on TV too, maybe you're onto something with your BBC theory!

  3. Your outfit is adorable and looks great on you!


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