Why I love my new sewing friends


Imagine you turn up to the costumes & props meeting with an armful of pattern printed on coloured scrap paper (I ran out of proper paper lol) and then you piece it together as you would a regular pdf pattern and then you hand it to the cutter outer-ers of the costume group.

At least it was bright!

Most people would run away or tell you to go get a 'proper' pattern. Not these ladies, they did a sterling job! They cut it out of some poly satin that had been donated and then out of the actual proper fabric. Having multiple pattern pieces cut out of the satin meant we could get our placement right on the proper fabric and we managed to save quite a lot of extra!

In the background Jill has started on one of the wise man's harem style trousers. They're in a poly taffeta in 'watermelon' colour. Yards and yards of fabric, but it's such beautiful fabric!!

Meanwhile Pam got started cutting out the basic tunics for Herod's advisors (to go with black embellished waistcoats). We seem to do a lot of crouching in our group!!

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  1. Seems like the floor is the best place to cut out those huge patterns from so many yards of fabric! My knees wouldn't handle it, but bless those ladies who can!! I am so looking forward to seeing photos from dress rehearsal!!


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