Square doilies


I've had a pile of doilies in my 'to do something with' pile for well over a year, so I plucked out these two small square ones and finally did do something with them!

All I did was pinch the sides together, and stitch up them, where the side lace was.

Just line up the edges & stitch. My stitching was white so it's impossible to see in amongst the detail. (Hence the handy arrow)

I repeated it for all four corners then did the other doily.

This project literally took me 5 minutes. Well, 1 year and 5 minutes more like!

I've got them in the bedroom, to hold small jewellery when I take it off and don't want it to get lost in my big jewellery box. I've used one as a coaster before now too, I just sat my glass inside and it contained any drips!

I'd like to say I'm getting nearer to the bottom of my to do pile what with there being not that long til the end of the year, but that would be a big fat lie!!

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  1. Great way to use pretty doilies. Isn't it nice to cross items off the "to do" list? :)

  2. That is SO CUTE. Two little doily boxes. Great idea. And a year and five minutes? Pfffft. That's nothing. Obviously it's taking me way longer than that!

  3. So creative! A great way to use those, because they are such an odd shape otherwise! Thanks for the idea!

  4. I looooove your idea :)))))) They look so cute !
    Marisa from http://passionetcouture.blogspot.ca/

  5. This is a great idea! I also wish I was getting near to the bottom of my to do list, but alas, I am not.


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