Heart pot holders


I was sure I'd posted about these pot holders, but I can't find any mention of them! If you've seen my versions before, please excuse me, pretend it's the first time you're seeing them!!

This pattern is not new to you, I think I saw it on Maria's blog to begin with!

It's from a free pattern by A spoonful of sugar and is so cute!

I made mine out of some Cath Kidston Provence rose in green on the outer and some other Cath Kidston FQ I had, I can't remember the name of it! I used one layer of Insul-bright and one layer of wadding and although they do protect, next time I'd use another layer of Insul-bright, it's just a tad too warm for comfort sometimes!

They were really thick to sew around the outer edge though, and my modern machine struggled. I suspect Granny's old Husqy wouldn't have had any problems!

I also added little hanging ribbon loops, although now we've changed our oven, I've no where to hang them!!

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  1. no, you didn't show us before. I keep a detailed list of the subject of each of your blog posts. The potholders are cute, but I'm not sold on Insul Brite. It does a good job for my lunch bag, but for pot holders I've found that even three layers isn't enough.

  2. It is my first time seeing them. How very clever and cute!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. You made something for the kitchen !!! ...only 5months late but you did it !! LOL

  4. Really cute Samantha....one of these days I really 'should' get motivated and make something for MY kitchen! 'Should'!! LOLLL

  5. Haven't seen these before, but they are really pretty! I have hesitated to make any quilted potholders for the reason of having to use too many layers of stuff in order to keep out the heat... I just use crochet potholders made with cotton thread.

  6. Hi Samantha! These pot holders are soooooo cute. From here I'm going to visit A spoonful of sugar, I would like to do this project, I think it would be a nice gift for teachers in the upcoming holidays. Thanks for the inspiration and the link :) .... you have made a lovely job!
    Marisa from http://passionetcouture.blogspot.ca/

  7. Your potholders are so cute. I made these quite a while ago.


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