Mary's owl cushion


Anyone remember waay, waaaaaay, waaaaaay back when I did a covert robin swap and sent Mary an owl cushion & some wrist warmers? No? Oh well, this'll be more interesting for you then! I found the pics I took of when I made the cushion. Hurrah!

I basically did what I said I did for the owl appliqué pouch but I've taken the photos, so I might as well show them to you now!

 I popped some fusible fleece on the back of the owl's body & used jumbo ric rac for his belly feathers.

 I even stitched the ric rac with wiggly stitching!!

For the eyes I used two buttons, I stitched through the base one a couple of times, then laid the smaller one on top and stitched on through both a few times, securing at the back.

Next I basted some felt onto the back of my owl patch and laid my owl where I wanted him to be ready to stitch him down.

I went all around his body with a small zig zag in a green thread to match the body.

And stitched on his felt nose (beak?) by hand.

Next I stitched on his wings with a straight stitch.

Then I used some scrap squares to make up some side & top strips and stitched those onto my owl panel.

Added some brown borders to make it the size I wanted.

Then for the back I used some olive green ticking and made an envelope back. I folded enough over so that I'd have a nice wide band for some buttons & button holes. I always think envelope backs without buttons tend to gape slightly.

I used the fancy round ended button hole stitch (pre set in my machine) this time, but when I actually cut it, it didn't look too much different to my regular straight buttonhole!

I did three buttons on the back, and used these lovely wooden ones that I had in my stash. They may have come from my nan's stash?

Then I put the two back pieces together and laid them on the front, stitched round all of the sides. I think I overlocked the edges then, but I don't have a photo so can't be sure!

Tadaaaa, one finished owl cushion which Mary has given a good home now!

And because I really enjoyed making it, I made another in teals & reds for my friend in Australia Dee! I made her cover a tad smaller so the cushion would fit more snugly.

I think in the bottom of that last photo is evidence I did overlock the edges of the brown owl cushion! Hurrah, the mystery is solved!

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  1. Your cushion is absolutely adorable and I like the buttons better than a zip.

  2. And my lovely cushion is at my back as I read this post - I LOVE it. :)

  3. These are so pretty and cute! Love the buttons on the back.


  4. That is just darling! What is that digital thingey? My sewing machine is from a different century than yours. lol
    P.S. I'm re-sending you-know-what. I check the USPS tracking on it and it just dead-ended. And I'm pretty sure you should have received it by now cuz it was mailed on October 31. Even if they took it across the ocean in a coracle, it should have arrived. :-(

  5. I have a vague memory of you doing a tutorial for this? Maybe?


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