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Today is the birthday of a very special friend of mine, she is a blog follower, a pattern tester, a blogger herself and all round annoyingly brilliant seamstress! I say annoyingly because I've yet to find an unintentional wonky stitch on anything she makes!!

Maria, Happy birthday!!

To celebrate Maria's birthday, I thought I'd show you some photos of her work, so you can see just how talented she is! She's going to be offline this week, but I'm sure she'd really appreciate if you popped over to her blog to visit.

Park West bag
One of her latest pattern tests for Sara @ Sew Sweetness. See how incredibly accurate her stitching is!!

Dining table set

Second only to bags, Maria makes table runners, placemats, napkins and homeware the most! They're always so accurate, never wonky!

Paisley make up bag
This inside view of a zipped pouch is an excellent example of the quality of Maria's work. It's always so well thought out, colours co-ordinated and well stitched!

I came across Maria's post about this rag quilt today which made me start thinking about Christmas films on the tv, snuggled on the sofa with Dus, with a giant bucket of snacks!

Happy birthday Maria my friend, I hope you have a wonderful day!

p.s. I hope you don't mind my pinching your photos!!

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  1. Oh, I LOVE the fabrics and style of that Park West bag!!

  2. Lovely work. Thanks for sharing and I will add my happy birthday wishes to yours!

  3. I agree with you Samantha, all the creations made ​​by Mary are beautiful and well finished. I follow Maria from the beginning and I find inspiration in each of her projects! Happy birthday Maria :)))))))))

  4. I just came across this post, after being away for 2 weeks I've missed a lot so need to catch up. This was such a nice surprise, I'm speechless, now I know where people found out when my birthday was and explains the emails wishing me a happy birthday. I thought I'd been hacked LOLLLLLL Thanks, you are too kind.

  5. Maria is not only talented with her sewing, but a very sweet person too! Happy Birthday Maria, although a bit late as I just came across this too.


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