What I wore to a wedding


The weekend before last, we went up to Horsham to attend the wedding of Dusband's cousin. I completely forgot to get a photo of Dus and I in our wedding finery....fortunately one of Dus' aunts took this photo of us with the mother of the bride.

From Left: Dus' uncle Nick, Dus' cousin Isabel, Dus' aunt Jane, Me & Dus. Nick's wife, Dus' aunt Fiona is taking the photo so not pictured, and Dus' uncle Jonathan (Jane's husband) was obviously waiting with his daughter ready to arrive in the wedding car.

I did take a few snaps of the day, of the crazy golf & garden games that were laid on in the afternoon, although it was very cold!

Fortunately I had flat shoes in the car, it had been raining the day before and I might have gotten a bit stuck in the mud!

I swear Dus wasn't drunk....although the next photo would suggest he really is rather tipsy!

I brought home mine & Dus' and his sister, her husband & their son's name cards so that I can use them at Christmas time! They were so beautifully made, I thought it was better to use them than have them go to waste!

I loved wearing my wedding hat, and although there were 3 fascinators, for a wedding with 150 guests, I was disappointed that I was the only hat wearer! It's obviously not so fashionable to wear hats these days, but I always think it makes a wedding feel more special when there's a hat, so I'm not going to stop wearing mine!!

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  1. Yes, I love your hat! And do keep wearing it whenever you have the opportunity! I wish hats were worn more often. Maybe you can get the trend going again. I remember the day when women traveled with hat boxes. Well, okay, I don't actually remember it, but I remember seeing a Miss Marple where Mrs. McGillicuddy carried her hat boxes with her on the train - where she saw this guy strangling his wife. Okay, enough of that. But DO keep up the good work with the hat wearing, and your whole outfit looks darling!

  2. Don't stop wearing your hat!! I love hats, but look terrible in them myself. Really. I cannot wear a hat of anykind. You, however, look fabulous. Looks like it was a great event!! Thanks for sharing the photos with us!

  3. Looks like a good day! The venue looks a bit like where my cousin got married a couple of years ago, though that wasn't in Horsham. Your hat is fabulous! :)

  4. I LOVE hats and I think everyone should wear one to a wedding. Well done you!

  5. Beautiful outfit and great shoes! I wish I could pull off a hat--you're able to do it with great style!

  6. People just don't seem to dress up for weddings like before. You carry on wearing you hats, you look wonderful.


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