Silver lamé Little bow pleat


Because the little bow pleat uses such a small amount of fabric, I decided to go crazy, and use a large scrap of silver lamé I had in my stash to make one up. A special disco little bow pleat!

I pinched this pose from Nicole - thanks!

See how shiny it is! It was really easy to work with this fabric, I just applied interfacing as usual and it helped!


Perfect for a party!

If you want to sew your own little bow pleat you can find the pattern in my etsy store for £3 or as part of a 2 pack with the bow pleat tote for £5.

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  1. I've never seen lamé look so good!

  2. Ok who's Nicole? Black suits you and it really shows off your bag. Very pretty and matches your green nails perfectly.

  3. I think it looks fab! did you paint your nails specially for the photo shoot?

  4. It's gorgeous in the silver lame' ! That is such a cute clutch!!
    You look so pretty, too!!

  5. Oh my it's gorgeous, perfect for special occasions,,, then again we should find something everyday to be special!! And you don't look so shabby yourself, beautiful in fact :)

  6. I love your bag, the fabric that you have chosen is perfect to match your dress. You did a beautiful job, I love it :)
    Marisa from

  7. What a great idea, to use the silver fabric for your purse. Perfect for a night on the town.

  8. Wow, that bag is incredible--love that silver lame! And I ADORE that necklace! (I'm working on my image at school as the "professor with the crazy necklaces" :)

  9. You look GREAT!!! The black dress is great on you and everything in the pic looks good. Oh and that bag... sooooooooooo sweet. ;)


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