I don't usually talk about things I've bought because usually I buy boring things. Last week I went to Home bargains and found this adorable little plastic tub set for £1.99.

I ummed and ah'd for a little while, because they don't look much in their very cheap packaging.
I was glad I'd spent so much on them when I opened them though. £1.99!

 Aren't they cute?

I've used the smallest two for putting sewing bits in to take to the sewing sessions for the nativity, and the larger two for storing snacks etc.

If I had a child I'd definitely send them to school with their packed lunch in these, but luckily for me, I don't so I can use them myself!

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  1. Too cute! I wouldn't be able to buy any because I'd just end up arguing with my five year old over them!

  2. Those are very cute, indeed!! Good find!

  3. Those are so cute! Wish Home Bargains was near me because I'd be right there, snapping some up! :D

  4. These are so adorable! I would totally want these for myself, too! I have a cute panda bento box that I sometimes pack my lunch in, just because it is fun :)

  5. So cute! I'd probably try to keep them for myself too, but the kids would always snatch them in the end.


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