Mary's Muslin dress


I've got Mary's muslin dress to show you today. I can't show you photos of the cutting out or construction because it was cut out by the wardrobe mistress from Cardiff, but it's a basic large raglan shape with a channel sewn around the neck. Some elastic is threaded through the neck and tied off long.

Before washing

Once it's been washed and gone all crinkly, you tighten the elastic, cut it down to size then trim. We've not trimmed it yet, wanted to make sure from the other seamstresses I wasn't cutting it too small for heads to fit through!

(In the next pic I'm smirking at Dus trying to lean far enough back to fit my arms in!)
After washing
The dress crinkled up and shrank a bit in the wash, but as you can see we're going for the one size fits none style of costumes. There'll be 19 performances, and not many actors will do all of the performances, so we need to ensure they'll be easily adjustable with belts & ropes.

One item down, millions to go! To read more about the Cwm Cynon Christmas story, check out the website.

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  1. Phew!!!! for a moment there I thought you were making it for someone to wear out and I was thinking how on earth I was going to comment on it. LOLLLLL

  2. That is a great 'one-size-fits-all' pattern, for sure! Good job!! Can't wait to hear more as you allow us to follow you all to the Christmas performance!

  3. If I didn't know better...I'd almost say you look Angelic !! LOL


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