That dirty shepherd look


Today I've got your easy guide of how to recreate that dirty shepherd's look with a beautifully sewn (and lined) tunic made from the same curtain fabric from Terry's as Joseph's cloak!

I had 3m of fabric for Joseph's cloak, and I managed to make Joseph's cloak as well as this second, shorter cloak. I'm sure I've stressed enough how beautiful this Panama curtain fabric is, so I don't need to go on about it again now...but this is an issue. How many shepherds do you know that would go out in a soft, smooth 100% cotton cloak? Scrap that, how many shepherds do you know? I don't know any, but in my imagination they look dirty and a bit bedraggled!

So we made another shorter tunic, the same way as we made Joseph's one.

I love how these tunics hang, it must be because the fabric is 100% cotton, and has that little extra weight to it. No wonder it makes such beautiful curtains!

Then 'distressed' it. I use the word distressed, because making it messy distressed me!!

In the interests of historical accuracy I took it out to the garden and stomped around on it in the mud for a while one rainy day. It took a while because this tightly woven cotton fabric didn't really want to let the dirt in. Another plus for curtains and a minus for dirty shepherds!

On reflection, dye or spray paint may have done a nicer job, but surely I must get some points for authenticity?

p.s. since I wrote the post on Joseph's cloak, I've since realised that Terry's sells curtains in this fabric, ready made with eyelet headings. So if you want curtains to remind you of our Christmas production, you don't even have to make them! Even better, they're in the clearance section, just search for Panama Curtains.

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  1. Stomping in the mud gives a good dirty look- work some extra grime ( use paint, acrylic best as it stays put) around the cuffs, down the front and round the neck- then it will look worn as well as just plain dirty. Put the paint- only a little and not too wet- onto a pad of fabric/dense sponge and work it into the fabric gradually.

  2. LOL - You do get an A+ for creativity!! I'm enjoyed your project!!

  3. Yep, that pretty much looks like every outfit I make once the kids are finished the photoshoot. ;-)

  4. Lol, authentic dirt. Now you can't wash it or it will no longer be grubby.


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