The Doctor Who experience - Cardiff Bay November 2013


Here are Dus and I outside the Doctor Who experience in Cardiff, my birthday treat from the lovely Dusband!

As you approach the experience, you can see from some distance, the Tardis blue exhibition centre! I can't help but think we should have got the bus by the fact that the bus stop is right outside!

Tucked away down the side is World of Boats. I wonder if they get much trade tucked away down there?

You're not allowed to take any photos of the actual experience itself, and I struggled with the thought of this part. I suffer with anxiety attacks, and really worried about how I would do in the experience. I did really well! Most part thanks to our 'companion' for the journey, Zoe. If you suffer with anxiety and want to go to the Doctor Who experience, I'd recommend calling them and finding out when she's working, she was brilliant with me!

When we first went to queue for the experience I told her I suffer from anxiety attacks at times and she understood, she asked me what triggers them and I told her it was not knowing how to get out, or feeling trapped. She reassured me the whole time.

In each of the zones we went through she made eye contact with me, pointed out the exits and told me where she'd be standing in case I wanted to get out. Apart from not closing the door on the weeping angels room, she couldn't have done more to alleviate my fears! (The doors were automatic, but we all know what a weeping angel can do when not watched!! - I can only assume they have CCTV on them at all time, to be sure)

All in all, I felt so comfortable I was able to relax and enjoy the experience, thank you Zoe!

Once through the experience, you emerge into the exhibition itself, and WOWZA, what a feast for a Whovian! I went to Geek heaven!

Here are just a few of my photos.

 Wax model of Matt Smith as 11. Unfortunately I couldn't reach to test what his bum felt like. Waxy I imagine.

 They had a display of all 10 previous Doctor's clothing with facts about each in English & Welsh.

Of course I loved this bit!

I just wish they'd had a wax model of David Tennant too. Might still be there now if they did though...

David Tennant's Tardis along with Jackie Tyler's Beau's pyjamas from when 9 regenerated into 10 and needed a nice cup of tea!

They had Ten's console with a loop of his rather violent and saddening regeneration. I cried all over again when he said "But I'm not ready to go yet". The console had to be cleaned up quite a bit to be displayed due to his regeneration explosion-y type scenes, but the walls were still quite fire damaged.

They also had a reconstructed console from the original series. Serieses? Much cleaner and better labelled! My organising brain liked that part!

In the pic below you can see the Master's Tardis that had been turned into a rock dude in the original series.

I was quite content with what we'd seen downstairs, and thought that was it, although I was disappointed I hadn't seen any Daleks. When we went up stairs I realised we'd only seen a TINY part of the exhibition...WOW!

 I forgot to bring a marker so I'm not sure how many times I saw these Silence, probably more than once!

 There was a large display of most of the monsters & villains from the various series including a wall of Cyberman heads through the ages! ( To the right of the Cyberman conversion equipment, shown below)

I loved this display of the Time Lords, I really want to recreate the waistcoat from the middle Time Lord for one of the Wise men for the nativity! I haven't got time, so if I can next year, then I think I'll try to!

 Some of the displays were scary because of what was there, some because of what you knew they did in an episode, and some because they were just plain scary!!

I made sure to take a pic of this very special rug from the episode with the White House in it....funnily enough, the one we're in the middle of today!

All in all it was a great day, we spent around 3.5 hours there, which considering we can go round a castle in an hour, that was a great day out for us!!

If you do suffer with anxiety, I do urge you to visit the Doctor Who experience in Cardiff, they're so accommodating, just make sure you call ahead and explain your needs.

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  1. Oh shame on me, did I miss your birthday or is this an early treat? I hardly ever go on FB now so I need reminding.
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Me and my gran always used to watch Dr Who. I forget then name of the one we watched. He's the one with the curly hair in the first row of Dr. Who's. The one who always wore those long multicoloured scarves right down to the floor. He was probably before your time LOLLL
    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY if it's passed and if it hasn't come yet then have an EXTRA WONDERFUL HAPPY

  2. What a great gift for you! I was not familiar with Dr. Who, but am now!! Glad Zoe was so good with you and you could enjoy the experience. Thanks for sharing, and Happy Birthday (whenever it is/was!!).

  3. Cor! I am assuming you are preparing for Saturday?


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