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Darling friends, show me mercy! Pretend it hasn't been weeks since I showed my face around these parts! I can only blame it on finishing the nativity and realising it was nearly Christmas...eek!

I've got a friend who loves to sew who's blog I follow. She's been so incredibly kind to me this last year that I really wanted to make her a special Christmas present to show her how much I appreciate her friendship.

Nothing says that more than a week long bag making session combining some beautiful linen with some much fondled Echino (kindly sent to me by Sara) ending with a bookbag backpack, right?

Here are the pics from it when it was finished. Fortunately the lovely lady LOVED it! If she hadn't I may have had to hunt her down and steal her fabric stash as punishment!

 I used a dark zakka linen for the main body of the bag, a light zakka linen for the interior of the bag and the purple panther Echino given to me by Sara for the front pocket, long strap, top handle tabs & the back strap support. I've got none left, I used up every last morsel of Echino!

Inside the front pocket is a hidden zipped pocket.

I made the long shoulder strap adjustable as well as it being removable by the swivel clips. My sister in law tends to not use the shoulder strap very much on hers, so this way my friend can un-clip it if she doesn't need it.

 The size of the bookbag backpack is perfect for a small laptop, or for an A4 ringbinder even. I suspect this one will be used for work purposes, so I'm glad it's big and sturdy enough to withstand a fair bit of abuse!

I used rivets on the top handle tabs, the shoulder strap tabs and all along the shoulder strap any time I'd done some stitching to keep it secure and strong!

As you all know, I love pockets. I'm a pocket fiend, but on this pattern I've chosen to leave the lining bare save for one little zipped pocket. If you're pulling folders and books in and out of a bag, I think it's annoying to have to watch that you don't catch it on a pocket. That's why there's a slip pocket and hidden zipped pocket on the front, so that you don't need so many pockets inside. I'd never do without a zipped pocket inside though, where would we ladies put our lipgloss?!

Don't forget that the Bag of the month club starts tomorrow, if you want to sign up it's $5 cheaper to do so before 1st January...that's TODAY...sign up today for the discount! Even full price it's only $40 and you'll receive 6 brand new exclusive bag patterns in your inbox. I can't wait to see what the other designers have been up to, all I'm telling you about mine is that you'll need 2 x 1" swivel clips.
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  1. It's a gorgeous bag with those fabrics and rivets! Perfect and unique!
    Happy Happy New Year!!


  2. Beautiful fabric and a gorgeous bag. I'm hoping to make another one in 2014 without the back straps.

  3. Wow, that bag turned out incredible! Great fabric choices!

  4. Your bag for your friend really turned out great! I love the size and shape of this bag, a lot! I think I need to add this to the list of things I'd like to make for myself.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Well done! The bag is amazing and she would be nuts to not like it!! You are SO talented!!

    Happy New Year!!


  7. It looks lovely; the colours, fabrics and style. Hope you had a lovely Christmas.
    I love this bag and gave the one I made to my partner in the most recent tote-bag swap. When I saw her colour choices and style (she could'a been me) I decided to part with my lovely bag. She loved it and heaps of the other participants asked about the pattern. I gave your details and store (hope you got some sales). I plan to make another book bag backpack at some stage. I think I will leave off the back pack straps but keep the shoulder strap - turns out that makes city commuting easier.

  8. I love my bag! Thank you so much for making it for me Mrs H, that secret pocket inside the outer pocket is just fab. I can keep all my secret stuff in there. Or tampons.

  9. WOW the book bag turned out Amazing !!
    I am jealous...good thing I got a wonderful gift too! LOL
    I love the fabrics you used...I guess I am going to have t sew the backpack this year !
    Good excuse to go shopping !! :-)

  10. ohh.. this is lovely.. great fabric combo!


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