Sweet Pouch Swap Round 3


Hey all, just a quickie to let you know the next round of the sweet pouch swap sign ups are going live soon.

I'm not taking part this round, but I know lots of you didn't get there in time so I thought I'd give you a head start!

The email said:
The sign up form goes live tomorrow morning my time.

8.30am Australian Eastern Standard Daylight Savings Time
9.30pm United Kingdom
4.30pm USA Eastern

However, I'm not sure what day Ros is on so I'm not sure if those times are today (Thursday) or tomorrow (Friday). Might be worth checking today just in case! Go to the Sew Delicious blog.

Happy swapping everyone!

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  1. Hi Sam, do you have a link? Thinking of playing! Thanks

  2. I always think these swaps would be fun, at least until it's crunch time. A bit stressful for me, I guess. I'll have to keep a watch on it, though, just so I can see what others make :)

  3. My partner and I both mailed our pouches and sweets in the last swap but neither of us got our parcels - they are still lost in transit!! I suspect mine was confiscated by the Australian customs officials for the licorice toffees I sent!! hahaaha


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