Mr Button Pouch


I can't believe I lied to you! I did make another Christmas gift, this time for my dad, who loves to create things so is always grateful of art 'stuff' storage! 

My sister gave me a set of Mr Button buttons from John Caswell design a couple of Christmases ago.

They're so fun I've been hoarding them, not wanting to waste them on a project unworthy of their quirkiness.
 I decided to make my dad a zipped pouch with some of them as I knew he'd appreicate them!

I just stitched them on with some embroidery floss. I chose boring colours compared to some of the examples I've seen! I can't give my dad a pouch with a button with green hair on though! I suspect he wouldn't have minded even so!

I used this fabric from Dus' Granny's stash (which has become fully integrated with my stash!) for the back and lining of the pouch and a lime green zip.

It was fun to use zany colours for once, I think I've become a bit tied into what sort of fabrics I use, and it's good to break out sometimes, right?

When's the last time you tried something 'quirky'?

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  1. Those buttons are so awesome! How fun to be able to make something useful for you Dad. I never know what to make for the guys in my family so I always just give them gift cards. Boring!

  2. I love this pouch and those buttons! What a wonderful gift for your dad!


  3. Those buttons are insanely hilarious and adorable! I love the pouch, it turned out great!

  4. That is so cute, and I'm sure your dad loves it!! Love the buttons, and perfect for a man!

  5. Those buttons are so cute and using them for your dad was a clever idea - it keeps them in the family too. I have that same fabric in my stash... or I should say 'had' it in my stash as there is only a tiny bit left and it may now be in the scraps box. I used it to make a Christmas stocking some years ago as well as a small zip-top pouch.


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