The last of Christmas past


Finally I'm finishing up last Christmas with this table mat I made out of my Christmas fabric scraps. I tried off-loading them on the blog last year but no-one wanted them. You know me, waste not, want not!

As you can see, I used the scraps from Christmas bunting as they squaring for me!

Here's how I made it. You could use this method for any scraps, perfect for those of you who have a resolution this year of scrap-busting!

To start with I got my jiffy bag of scraps out and started sewing them together into long strips. Where there was an angle I tried to sew it to an opposite angle and no two prints next to each other.

I did this til I had used all my scraps and I had some sort of strips!

Next I trimmed them into rectangles, or squares depending on what I could get out of them.

Then I sewed the strips together how they would best fit, trimming a bit off here and there.

There really wasn't much method to this madness and this is what I ended up with.

I laid it on a piece of Insul-bright and then added a piece of black & harp Christmas fabric to the back. I used some basting spray to keep it all together and then stitched a few lines of quilting up from side to side with gold thread.

Next I trimmed it and then bound it with red bias-binding.

Everything for this table mat came from my stash and as it's got Insul-Bright in the centre, we used it for Christmas dinner, resting hot dishes on etc.

Anyone else glad that scraps are busted even though we hang onto them for so long?

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  1. Crazy patchwork with scraps is absurdly pleasing- the thought that every last bit is used, it does work particularly well with Christmas odds and ends...I also keep a bag for the really tiny pieces and give them to ladies who make miniature quilts!

    1. oops, Sir's google not mine- he hasn't taken up sewing.Yet.

  2. Very festive. It looks quite artsy!! :)

  3. This is a beautiful way to use scraps... and make a functional table topper!
    I have a huge pile of scraps.... I should do some scrappy projects, but don't seem to find the time!



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