Favourite January bags


Friends, I spent so much of January being busy, busy, busy I didn't get time to make January's Bag of the month club pattern, the Bye Bye love bag by Sara @ Sew sweetness.

I've decided that until I get a chance to make it, I'd share a few of my favourites with you from the Flickr group.

First up is this beautiful paisley bag by Donna. You all know I'm a paisley fiend and the colours of this one would go so well with many of my outfits! This is the back view which shows off the fabric wonderfully!

Next up is this beautiful mauve & green batik version by Pat. It's just so soft and feminine, it's gorgeous!

This bright and cheery version below is just so fun! It looks really well made and any girl would be proud to carry this bag! Well done Katie!

This beautiful Peacock Bye bye love bag by Flying Sewlo by bb is definitely one of my favourites, not just because I'm potty about peacocks!

Check out the fun snaps she used on the front pockets....and talk about fussy cutting!

Once again with the paisley, I totally heart this green paisley bag by Marilyn. As I was looking through the Flickr group I noticed that Marilyn had taken her photos only 9 days into January, that's amazing, well done!

Finally is a great edit to the Bye Bye Love bag by Norma, who's adjusted her straps to turn it into a backpack. I love it!
Norma has an etsy store where you can buy some of the bags she makes, pop over and check it out.

Have you seen February's bag yet? It's the Butterfly sling bag from Janelle @ Emmaline bags...I can't wait to see the individual versions popping up on Flickr!

If you're not a member of the bag of the month club yet, you can still sign up! You'll receive both of the patterns so far and then the next 4 on the 1st of each month between now and June. I'm on March's duty and I hope you love it!

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  1. Awesome you featured my bag, made my day-thanks!! I want to start Feb so badly but I am missing some hardware 😞

  2. Love those bags. I too love paisley. I will have to go back to the flickr page to look for new additions. i love how each person interprets a pattern. I especially like Norma's idea of making it a back pack.
    I am trying to track down some of those twist clips at the moment so I can get into feb's bag. If I can't find them I will substitute it for a magnetic snap.

  3. Lovely bags! Love that peacock fabric! I didn't make the bag yet either, but hoping to get in done later on..

  4. Great bags!! I like the green paisley, too! Fun!

  5. I like that first one best. Well, except maybe the owl one. But then I really like the February red zippery one. That's great! The fabrics evoke memories of the 1970s. But I like them anyway. :-)

  6. Thanks for featuring my green paisley bag! That was a fun bag to make. Almost done with the February Bag. I'm like a kid at Christmas waiting for the new pattern to arrive. I'm a newbie blogger. Come visit me at http://shadesofbold.blogspot.com/

  7. Thanks for featuring my owl bag. There were many great bags made with this pattern. I love this club. Hopefully it gets extended for the rest of the year.

    1. My owl bag just sold. Not sure if this post had something to do with it. Thanks just in case.


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