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The eagle eyed among you will already know this, but I've been honoured with guest posting on Sew Mama Sew this week sharing a scrappy heart zip pouch. I say pouch, but it's more like a bag, look at the size of it on me!

It's perfect for taking out to deliver your Valentine's cards & gifts, although I gave this one to our church makes a change from handing her a receipt!

p.s. I stole this pose from Sara, it's a good one isn't it :)

I made it up from things I had in my stash, with those of you on a fabric fast in mind! Fasts are fine for January, but by the time you get to February you wish you were able to buy more fabric...but this bag has instructions for alternatives so that you can use what you have.

It's really easy to make up and I love making up 'random' patchwork like this!

Pop over and check out the full tutorial on Sew Mama Sew.

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  1. me! I'm the eagle eyed one! Look at you, my little girl all growed up! It wouldn't be big enough for me to carry all my valentine's presents and cards though, I need a transit van for that...

  2. I saw you and I was all like, "I knooowwww her" ;)

  3. Totally cute! This is a sweet bag! Thank you for the free pattern, Samantha!
    Yay for being on Sew Mama Sew!!

  4. Cute Bag. Girl you are seriously on a roll, getting heaps achieved and looking great while you're at it.

  5. It's huge!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought it was just a tiny little pouch until I saw it on you. LOLLL

  6. Very cute!! I am always impressed by your creativity!

  7. Your directions were great for the heart bag. Probably one of the first really professional looking bags that I have made. Is the 'Scrappy Heart Pouch' something that can be made for personal use only? Can I make it and sell it to other people if I give you credit for the pattern or is that forbidden?

    1. Hi Amy,

      Please do feel free to make items to sell, I'd love a credit if you don't mind, and even better, I'd love to see what you make!

      Samantha x


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