YOU in Joel Dewberry


Oh! Here's a fun fact, we Brits are rubbish at saying Dewberry, we say it Djewberry.

The lovely Kerry from Pennydog Patchwork sent me some beautiful Joel Dewberry Tile flourish during her recent de-stash and I used it to make up my Bag of the Month club pattern for March. Now I'm using up all of the leftovers and scraps, so pretend like you haven't seen this fabric all month when the pattern comes out on 1st March please!

Thomas Knauer from Thomas Knauer Sews put up a challenge on his blog yesterday calling for paper pieced ME & YOU blocks. (I'm not sure if my ampersand is consistent here...) and after checking on his facebook page if it was ok for me to have a go as a very nearly beginner, I got stuck in!

If you want to join in, pop over to his blog to download the templates.

The only paper piecing I've done before is when I tested Sara's Sunrise clutch pattern so I did a bit of brushing up on the ole Youtube and then had a go.

The hardest thing for me about sewing is choosing fabrics, so I went with something I knew went together, but now I need some advice.

Should I have done each letter from different fabrics from the same palette? (Thomas asked for the same palette for each block) Ignore the fact that my Y is back to front (rookie error), can you tell it says the word YOU?

I'm not sure whether to sew these together and call it a block, or start again with different fabrics for each letter...what do you think?

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  1. The O and U definitely but the Y looks like a U to me- not your fault, it's the pattern, it's not got enough pieces! Are you allowed to deviate from it? If so I know exactly how I'd fix it...

  2. I think I need new glasses...I would of never in a 100 years guess that said YOU if you hadn't of said so...I thought it was just freeform piecing ! LOL

  3. the Y is not right... I don't think the pattern is correct, it needs more pieces! I'd be tempted to go for a different fabric for the o.

    Oh, and the ampersand is consistent... only because he's used it! ;0) Did you consistenticate your ampersands in the pattern?

  4. I'm not seeing the Y, but the O & U look fine. I like the colors.

  5. Gosh....In all honesty I am with Liz.....there is no way I would have guessed that said YOU if you hadn't told me! I still have trouble seeing it even though you told me.....maybe I do really need new glasses.....and QUICK! LOLLL

  6. Sorry - I'n not seeing the YOU at all. Now that I know that it says you I can make out the O and U but I still can't see the Y. Maybe some thin sashing between the blocks would make it clearer?

  7. I agree with the gals above... it needs space between the letters, or totally diff fabrics. This isn't your problem ! Spaces need to be built in.



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