March bag of the month club pattern


Oh yes, it's March, which means it's my turn to share the bag of the month club pattern!

This pattern is only available to club members, but if you'd like to join you can see you can see more details here.

I made my cover bag in Joel Dewberry Tile flourish with some solid pink for the contrast front pocket.

 The bag has exposed boxed corners (a little hard to see on my patterned fabric)

The back has a zippered pocket and this handy little back tunnel...that's the convertible bit!

If you unclip the handle and thread it through, it converts the bag into a little backpack. Hence the name, the convertible.
Oh how I've always wanted a convertible!

I've got some more photos of my testers' bags to show you, which will be up soon for you to see!

For now though, if you want to check out the club, pop over and read all about it!
You can still sign up

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  1. Oh I love the little details- I especially love the contrast pocket and of course the Heirloom print ;) Really tempting me to join the club!

  2. Hi Samantha. I received this pattern since I am doing the bag of the month. I have a question. The side and bottom tabs cutting measurement seems to be rather small. You said to cut them 1 1/2" x 3", but if I do and then do the folding and pressing as you show in the pattern they turn out rather small. Is this correct?

  3. I just measured my bag, Daryl, and the bottom tabs come out to be 3/4 " wide and 1 1/4 " high (after sewn onto the bag).
    My top tabs stick out about 3/4 " after being sewn into the seams. Hope this helps!


  4. I didn't get my email for March bag of the month yet!!!! :( :(

  5. Can anyone tell me the measurements of the pocket and flap? Iv'e printed out the pattern, but I am not sure if it is the right size. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.


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