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Hello my darling friends,

Thank you for hanging around while I've been absent, I've been horribly ill.

As you all know, I'm pregnant (currently 22 weeks!) and up until about two weeks ago I was suffering with Hyperemesis Gravidarium. I think it's otherwise known as 'severe morning sickness' but let me tell you, it's so far removed from morning sickness and so much worse it almost needs a category of it's own!

For a long time I was so ill that I was unable to even move from bed as every movement would make me ill. Even speaking would make me throw up. Dus didn't mind the enforced silence lol!

During that horrendous time I managed to restrain myself from murder whenever someone texted me asking if I'd tried ginger ale/biscuits/peppermint tea/flat coke etc. Trust me friends, my hardcore anti-sickness drugs (yes, the ones they give cancer patients) were barely making an impact, the regular morning sickness remedies were even less effective than a chocolate tea pot in the world of Hyperemesis!

However, it's been nearly a week since I last threw up and some of my energy is starting to return. I'm still waiting for that magical enjoyment that's meant to come during pregnancy. So far it's all been far from magical!

Now I'm enjoying the visage of a teenager with awful acne....but it's an improvement on the sickness!

Furry slippers obligatory, teenage acne face optional!

My mother has of course gone crazy and despite my telling her not to go crazy buying things for the baby, she's already gone ahead and purchased an entire week's worth of clothing for the baby!

We found out at the 20 week scan that bazza (aka baybee's baby or Elvis) is a girl so hopefully it won't now come out a boy, my mother's stuck very firmly to the pink aisle of the baby clothes shops!!

I can't blame her too much, I'm very disappointed to find that baby clothes come in blue, pink or cream. It's almost as if every other colour, tone and hue have been surgically removed from the world when it comes to babies!

Obviously my sewing has been seriously curtailed, there's not much sewing you can be bothered to do when just laying in bed watching telly wears you out (or maybe that was the violent sickness....) but since I've been feeling a little better I've managed to make a toy bag for my sister's friend's son. I've got a Washi dress cut out ready to sew up for sizing and my 'to sew for baby' list is very long!

If you're one of my personal friends and were thinking of posting something for us/the baby please email me to check you've got the right address as we moved last year and some of our mail is still going to the old address and getting lost for all time.

I can't promise normal service is going to be resumed yet, but I just wanted to let you all know I'm still here!

P.s. thank you for the get well messages, postcards, cards and emails. They've cheered me up no end and I feel very supported!

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  1. So good to hear from you, and also to hear that you are feeling so much better. Thanks for keeping us 'in the loop'!! Looking forward to more, as you can!

  2. Glad you are up and about again. I will not compare my pregnancies with yours, my dear, as it you've got a doozy... but I didn't enjoy mine too much either. Every symptom in the book. But the babies... they were perfect! jxo

  3. SOOOO glad to hear you are on your feet again Samantha....I have missed our chats! I know I sound like a broken record BUT all the agony is SO worth it! (Just don't ask me when my teenagers have been dishing out FUN though, OK! LOLLLL) XXOO

  4. You poor thing it's been tough but don't worry the worst is yet to come what with nappy changes, feeds, sleepless nights, then she starts crawling and sticking her fingers in everything she shouldn't, followed by walking and tantrums and may god help you when she's a teenager LOLLLLL it's all part of the package though and I'm sure you'll love every minute of it.
    So good to see you back looking so lovely in your fluffy slippers LOLLLL Oh by the way!!! they say second time round is easier LOLLL

  5. Yes I was trying to find some nice newborn bits for friends and it's only ever pink or blue. I've no idea what's wrong with yellow, green, purple, orange.... though ocassionally you do find white. But it's rare!

    I'm glad you're feeling better, I was wondering about you. I only seem to know people who have had horrible pregnancies and week long labours- I think the radiant and rosy pregnancies are a work of fiction, sounds pretty standard to me unfortunately :(

  6. It is great to hear your doing better....I love the angelic face your making!!
    Let your mom spoil your baby...thats her job!
    Just tell her red polka dots are also nice for a little girl :-)

  7. It's lucky they're so cute when they're born I'm telling you, otherwise the human race would be a thing of history books!

    I'm glad that you've started to feel a little better, I have too in the last week, although it hope that I'm not speaking too soon - 24lbs down so far!

  8. Glad to hear that you're better now. The best part is just coming ;) And a little girl, that's great
    And about baby clothes, you're right what happen with the other colours???? I don't understand why in Europe don't use the other colours, my mother sent me clothes for mine children, when they were babies, in so many colours, red, yellow, green, orange, she lives in Venezuela.

  9. I am so glad that you are feeling stronger!! Just think about how much "guilt" you can lay upon your little girl when she is a teenager doing something that you don't want her to do....:) I love your baby bump picture! Keep taking good care... as your body is busy "sewing together" a big project!! Keeping you in my prayers!! hugs, Susie

  10. I'm sorry you've been so poorly but glad you're starting to feel better!
    Take care! xx

  11. Oh dear! Glad to hear it's startimg to get better. I noticed you were a bit quiet but was hoping you were merrily shopping for tiny baby things! Here's hoping it gets better and better!

  12. I can't imagine how you have been feeling as I was lucky not get morning sickness in any form.
    I will keep my fingers crossed for you that you will sail through the rest of your pregnancy and bloom :)

    I think babies look amazing in bright colours, I always dressed mine in bright clothes, my daughter looked lovely in a red dress when she was 2 months old so I don't know why we are bombarded with pink,blue and white/cream.
    Take it easy :) x

  13. Glad to hear you're feeling better and can now start to enjoy pregnancy. Sou ds like you'll need to make your own baby clothes.

    sorry for the silence from me. Facebook is a no go for me with so many friends pregnant or with newborns, it's really hard on me. I'm very happy for you but fi d it hard to see...

  14. So happy you are feeling better, and hoping you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. I was thinking of getting in touch, was missing you. Very excited for you !!! {{{{HUGS}}}}

  15. That sucks! Glad you are back. I was wondering where you were.

  16. I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better! Although I seem to have accidently missed some very important news!!! You should expect a special "world's most oblivious person" e-mail from me in the next few days!


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