Pattern testers with babies needed!


As you can imagine, my next pattern is of course going to be a nappy (diaper) changing bag, but I need help!

I've got some lovely testers, however very few of them have access to a baby still in nappies. I'm looking for some competent new pattern testers who are willing and able to not only sew up the new pattern looking for errors and mistakes, but also to test the bag afterwards for a couple of weeks to check that it's suitable and appropriate as a changing bag.

The bag will be an intermediate to advanced pattern due to the amount of components involved with a nappy bag and some of the techniques, however there are lots of clear photos and step by step instructions so if you're not sure whether you're up to the skill level, you might as well give it a go and see....sometimes I'm surprised by how capable I am at things I've never tried before!

If you're interested in helping me to test this new pattern please fill out the following Google form including a link where I can see some examples of your work.

Because no blog post is complete without at least one photo, here's a pic of me when I was a few years younger. No, those sunglasses are not photo-shopped, they're really there!

If you've already contacted me about testing this pattern, don't worry I've already got your details, you don't need to fill in this form.

For my current/previous pattern testers, you'll be contacted shortly to see whether you'd like to test this pattern, you don't need to fill in this form.


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  1. Good luck with your new pattern and testers! Keep us posted, please! I don't sew, but am interested and like seeing what others have done.

    You were adorable in those glasses!!

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    1. Hi Samantha.
      I have done some testing for a Sara and I thought since she is sooooooooooooo busy at the moment (I know she does not sleep) maybe you might consider me to test one of your bags.
      I had the pleasure to win four of your patterns last year and have had a lot of fun with them and my fabrics, of which I have a lot , just sitting around.
      I have done a lot of sewing of late and am I crocheting a few bags with my stash of yarns I am trying to get rid of, to make more room for fabrics.
      It's terrible when you go shopping and you see something you just have to buy, when one really doesn't need it, I am a "compulsive" when sales are on.
      Peta Lawes - Western Australia

  3. You looked just as cute then as you do now.

  4. I assume this pattern is complete, but i woukd love to test one of yoyr patterns anytime..


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