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I don't know if anyone remembers, but around this time last year I went crazy making table runners ahead of the gospel choir visiting our church from Atlanta, Georgia. I went right up to the wire and didn't get them all finished. So of course the leftover fabric sat languishing in my WIP box.

The very same WIP box that is bugging me and I've suddenly started to see as something I must conquer before Elvis arrives. Yes, we're calling the baby's cute, right? (Not for real, just as a pet name to keep Len at church happy although I have a feeling it might stick no matter what we name her!)

Anyway, I dug into that WIP box and finally finished these table mats that have been waiting a year!! I couldn't bring myself not to finish them, the fabric was bought for table mats and I just had 7 flat type half rectangle triangle things left to use!

I made two table mats like this, I just sewed the triangles together then sewed the two rectangles together to make a sort of square. I put some cheap felt on the back and 'quilted' them. Then I sewed some navy backing fabric (ok, an old quilt cover) right sides together, turned right sides out and closed my turning gap before sewing around all four edges. Easy peasy, right?

I had three of the half rectangle triangle rectangles left and a couple of rows of patchwork (leftover from the runners last year) so I stitched those all together to make a longer runner type table mat. They're not quite as bright as the photos suggest, but there's no mistaking they're American themed!

This year we've got a lot on which I'll blog about in a little while so that if you're local you can plan to come and visit and see the choir, they're incredible!

For now though, I'm happy to be working through my WIP big sister Lizzie suggested I might be entering the nesting phase, but I'm only 25 weeks, that's too early, isn't it?

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  1. Those look totally cute! Yay for getting through some of your WIP box :D Do you have much to finish before Elvis arrives? (Elvis is a totaly acceptable name, BTW!)

  2. Very cute. Nesting or not, very cute. Elvis...Elvie. It works. :)

  3. Elvis is great - With hindsight Troll wasn't very kind of us!!!!!

  4. Elvis works, traditionally a boys name, but y'know... people like to give "unique" names these days.


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