Back to school Bookbag Backpack deal


Lovely friends, our schools here have literally just broken up this week....however, I'm aware that in many parts of the world the schools are going back next month!

If this is you and you want to make a new bookbag backpack for your darling to take back to school with them (or yourself!) then count this as your lucky week!

I've reduced the Bookbag backpack PDF sewing pattern in my Etsy store by 20% to just £4. That's less than $7 (at last conversion!).

Here are some examples of Bookbags that have been made to tempt you!

Made by Dee

Made by Maria

Made by Maria
There's no discount code needed, just pop over to my Etsy store and add the Bookbag backpack pattern at the new reduced price!

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  1. All of those are so cute! No kids in my life now and not something I would carry, but very, very cute!

  2. I am going to be trying this soon! Thanks!


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