Me & You blocks


I finally finished the 'Me' and 'You' blocks for Thomas Knauer and sent them off last week!

He's still accepting submissions and hopefully the quilt will be featured in his next book. I'm a total rookie at paper piecing but it was nice to have a go!

Just for the record, here's a bonus pic of me this time last week with just under 10 weeks to go!

Yes, I'm sure it's not twins....

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  1. I wouldn't bother sending them. He never even emailed to say thankss

  2. You are looking so cute and cozy! Oh, and the blocks are cute too! I so wanted to be a tester for your nappy bag. I have so many customers that are looking for one but I don't have any little ones except the youngest grandkids that live far away. Looking forward to seeing it. By the way, you asked me about doing a tutorial about the double zip. I buy a purse zipper that comes with a double zipper on it. All I do is center it on the zipper gusset, cut to the size I want and put zipper tabs on each end. I don't actually make the double zipper.

  3. You're looking just great Samantha. Hasn't time flown LOLLL well maybe not for you LOLL Love your blocks, do I see a quilter emerging.

  4. You look stunning, Samantha!

  5. You certainly are blooming! I wish I had such a tidy bump :0(


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