Candice's Bookbag Backpack


It's always nice to receive compliments, but it's especially nice to receive them from customers who love making one's patterns.

Last week I was so blessed to receive the following messages from one of my customers Candice. She very kindly agreed to let me share the photos of her latest make, the Bookbag Backpack with you all.

Candice says she's not very good at photography but I think her pics look great! 

Here's the messages Candice sent with the photos:

About a million years ago LOL (okay, that's an exaggeration) you had asked if I had pictures to share of the back pack I made for my granddaughter using your pattern. Well, I didn't. BUT, she requested I use your pattern for her back pack again this year. :D She loves it, and so do I. She's certain she is the envy of ALL her classmates - not only does she have a one of a kind, it can be used so many different ways. I'm certainly far from a photographer, but I did the best I could. LOL And of course, heaven forbid I forgot to put the long strap in the pictures. LOL Oh well. Super super pattern, great instructions and is by far the best back pack pattern out there! I'm looking forward to buying your nappy bag pattern soon, though I'm far from needing a nappy bag. hahahaha 

I am just so impressed - again, you have a real talent! I know I will be making this pattern for her in different fabrics for other years and for my other granddaughter soon too! Thank you for sharing your talents with the world. :)

Nothing in the world makes a pattern designer happier than to hear that her patterns are being used....and then enjoyed. That's the beautiful thing about buying PDF patterns, you can print it time and again and your bag will always come out unique depending on what fabric you've chosen!

Thanks for sharing with us Candice!
P.s. if you've made a bag from one of my patterns and would like to be featured on my blog, please do leave me a message or drop me an email!

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  1. I am just blown away by your talent, and that of those you showcase on your blog. Wow.

  2. Candace's bag is really cute and sharp!

  3. Beautiful Bag Candice, you did a great job. And it is a great pattern too


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