The Nappy bag - tester's photos {Part 2}


I'm back today with the second part of our beautiful tester's Nappy bags! 

First up is veteran tester Liz from Moments Blog. I'm not suggesting she's old, just that she's been testing for me for a while now and always does a stunning job!

She made this as a travel bag for her husband who promptly turned his nose up and called it too girly. He's lucky she didn't bring it over here because my husband would have snatched it out of her hands before she had a chance to say 'there's no red polka dots on this bag for once'!

Next up is a new to me tester Margareth, I couldn't find a pic of the front of her bag, but these pics show the hidden zipped pocket in the front slip pocket and the interior of her bag!

Next up is Maria who's been testing for me for a while and who's opinion I really trust. Wouldn't you when she makes such beautiful bags as this?!

Another Maria is Maria from Mia's Creations. She pinched a pair of her hubby's trousers to make this bag. I wonder if he's even noticed yet?

Next up is Mary's bag, I had never even thought of putting a button on the flap, but what a difference it makes! Good work Mary!

Another of my regular testers is Sally from Life in Sally's World. I'm lucky this pattern test fell right in the middle of Sally's break from her work, she's always fabulous at picking up my silly spelling and grammar edits! Thanks Sally!

Simone is one of the ladies who made two test bags, and here is her first. Helpfully guarded/photo bombed by her dog! Good job it's foxes on the print and not cats!

Although I love the first bag, Simone's second bag is gorgeous! Check out the precision on this bag!

Next up is Stacey who has used such beautiful fabrics. I'm always such a scaredy cat with matching fabrics, I think I need to be a bit bolder because this is beautiful and goes together so well!

Stacey's also included some inside shots of the bag laden with bits and pieces to give us an idea of just how much this bag will fit inside!

Another veteran tester is Susie from Susie's Sunroom.

She always does such beautiful work with such beautiful fabrics! Thanks Susie!

Finally on the pictures list is Vanessa who's made this beautiful version, I love her choice of fabrics, inside and out!

Don't forget, if you want to make your own Nappy bag (or of course travel bag), you can find the pattern for sale in my Etsy store here: The Nappy Bag.

Happy sewing!

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  1. wow those are a bunch of gorgeous bags !!!! THis is a really great pattern. Your tester did a great job

  2. See what I mean? Lots of lovely bags made by talents sewists. ( oh look no auto-correct bloopers...)


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