Sewing inspiration: 5 new ideas for your next reversible hobo bag


The reversible hobo bag is a great sewing pattern for beginner bag makers because it’s easy to follow and has few pattern pieces.

It’s the perfect pattern for using that beautiful fabric you’ve been saving for “the right project”.

For more experienced bag makers, the bag is a good opportunity to experiment with new fabric or materials or decoration techniques.

And because the pattern is reversible, you get two bags in one. Hooray for more closet space and for new items that you’ll love.

Here is some inspiration for your next reversible hobo bag:

1. Bust out your stash

Do you have a really great piece of fabric that you've been saving for months (years?) that's been patiently waiting for you to use it for a new project? The hobo bag is perfect for crazy, beautiful prints, like the version below from The Cloth Albatross. Because it's reversible, you can always sew the other side in a less busy fabric.

2. Use our fabric scraps to create new fabric

If you're like me and keep even the tiniest pieces of fabric, you could try and use them up to create new fabric. I've written a tutorial on how to use those tiny pieces in crazy quilt technique for the bag flap, but you could create the whole bag out of recycled bits.

3. Combine bits of precious tapestry and weaved fabics

I really like how unique these bags posted by SACCAÁ look. If you have bits of family heirloom fabrics, like old tapestries, weaving and even lace, trims and pompom you could use them to design a new, striking bag.
A photo posted by SACCAÁ (@saccaa15) on

4. Skip the hardware to create a minimalistic look

You can hack the reversible hobo bag pattern by skipping the hardware (and maybe even the flap) to create a minimalistic hobo bag like the one posted by Valeria Fittipaldi  below. You could use thicker fabric for this look, like boiled wool or corduroy.

5. Design your first leather bag

No matter whether it's real or vegan leather, the hobo bag pattern is perfect for testing the waters and sewing a leather bag. You could trim the width of the strap and the flap to create the bag that's just your style. The great advantage of using a good leather is that you'll be using this bag for years and maybe even create a new family heirloom. Test out your sewing machine on a piece of leather before you start sewing, to make sure your sewing machine can handle the leather.
A photo posted by YStyle (@ystyleireland) on

If you're using synthetic leather or suede, you could try a look-at-me fabric, like the metallic fabric the bag below is made of. The more drape and softer your leather is, the more striking the metallic effect will be.

A photo posted by MOFÉ (@mofeinc) on

So what about you? How will you design your next hobo bag?
Whether you’re making the reversible hobo purse for yourself, for selling in your shop (all Sewing patterns by Mrs H give you a license to sell what you sew) or a loved one for Christmas, please take a photo and share it with me. On Instagram, we're using the #reversiblehobobag hashtag.

I love seeing what you make and I'm sure other readers will enjoy your work as well!

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