The Big November Destashing week 2: Planning what you’ll make


Hello and welcome to the second week of The Big November Destashing here, At home with Mrs H.

If you’ve missed the post last week, we talked about organising your fabric stash and shopping our shelves for inspiring fabric.

What is The Big November Destashing?

A full month of challenge posts, tutorials and inspiration to get you to use some of your fabric stash. We’re also daring you not to buy any new fabric for the entire month of November. (Swapping with friends is more than ok!)

Last week we were inviting you to write down any project ideas your fabric stash (in all its newly organised beauty) has sparked. Now, with that list still in hand, we suggest you pick 3-4 fabrics you’d really like to make something with this month. Then think about what you need. Is it a new perfect-for-everyday-bag? Is it a collection of pouches for organising items? Is it a gift for someone you care about? Is it something for your home?

I want to make this by lisaclarke shared with CC BY ND 2.0

If you’re not sure what to do with each of the fabrics you selected from your stash, just write down a list of all the projects you can think of, for each of those fabrics. Underline the ones you’re most excited about and finally choose one ideal project for each piece of fabric you picked. If your project allows it, you could pick more than one project (like a new purse and a matching makeup pouch, for example).

If you’re feeling uninspired, use Pinterest to search for new ideas. Let’s say you have a plaid wool and you’d like to make a bag, but not sure of the pattern, the size… just search for “plaid wool bag” and see if there’s anything that looks exciting. At the end of the exercise you should have a small list of projects to focus on this month. It could be just a few or a hundred, it all depends on how much is right for you.

You could use this week to gather your notions and supplies or just start sewing. Enjoy this second week of The Big November Destashing and tell us how it's working for you in the comments below!

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