Stashbusting - 10 Quick and easy Christmas gifts


Have you started counting the days until Christmas? It's almost here!

Because I know you want to 1) make your friends and family happy again this year, 2) do some sewing and 3) reduce some of that fabric stash (!), here are a few quick and easy ideas for Christmas gifts you can sew.

But first stockings!

Use a couple of different fabrics and personalise them with an iron-on initial like these ones from GoodWishesQuilts or embroider your giftee's name.

While destashing did you happen to identify a particular fabric that's beautiful too look at but not so great for making garments and bags because it's too itchy, too rough, too... unfit for those projects? 

What about repurposing it by making a little stocking, like this one from Anthropologie

Are you going to a party? Dress up the wine bottle (or homemade syrup?) in a nice, fitted, tote bag like this one from studiowonjun.

It's basically a very tall and thin totebag. You can personalise it by ironing on a funny message as well!

 Ornaments are a fun and easy to make gift. Because they are so small, they are usually easy to carry outside the sewing room: while wathing a movie with your family or talking on the phone (provided you're using a headset :)

These ornaments from SongoftheSeam are a great idea for those who love the smell of cinammon. Make small trees out of fabric triangles and use a cinammon stick for the tree trunk.

If you have some interesting wool felt scraps and really like tiny handiwork, you could make animal shaped ornaments, like these ones from Anthropologie

You could also make these bigger and create toys for the kids in your family. You can create fun toys that match their current passions and aren't alike any other toys they own, like this unicorn doll.

Or your could make a doll-making kit as a gift!

Another idea is to make a long bow tie, like this one from Asos from a chiffon or silk. Just make a really long rectangle, press it lengthwise and sew the three sides, leaving a small opening to turn the project over. It you make it long enough, this could also become a fabric sash.

Another idea is to use leftover fabric to make big flowers, then attach them to a Frida Khalo inspired headband, like this one from Asos. Here's a video tutorial on how to make the fabric roses:

Another easy Christmas gift is a scarf like this one below. It's basically a large square of fabric. You can fray the ends or add pompoms. 

Last but not least, use those pretty fabric scraps to make some fabric envelopes like these ones from Anthropologie. Martha Stewart has a tutorial on how to use a paper envelope as a guide. 

What about you? What kind of DIY Christmas Gifts have you made in previous years? What are you making this year?

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  1. You picked some great projects to share with us. What fun these would be (if only.....). I so look forward to the creativity you always highlight here.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Terri D! Looking forward to seeing the finished projects if you decide to make anything from the list above!


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