My own Companion Carpet Bag - and a giveaway!


Happy new year lovelies! I hope you all had a relaxing holiday time and you're ready to sew!

Towards the end of last year I thought it was about time I made myself a new bag, it needed to be spacious, and cute, so I settled upon a Companion Carpet bag, in the large size.

I used this cute map fabric by Tim Holtz and paired it with grey Kraft-tex. I used the Kraft-tex to make little tabs along the frame channel to help with pulling the bag open. This was something I hadn't thought of, but lots of last year's bag of the month club members did! They're so clever!

I used some lace trim on the front pocket, added some cage bag feet and then pinched the elasticated pockets from the Nappy bag! My Kraft-tex wasn't quite long enough so I added a panel to the centre of the gusset, you can only see one of the seams in the photo above, but I promise there are two!

The main difference on this bag, which made it my favourite bag of all, is the leather handles. I got them from U-Handbag who sell them as singles. They're really, really long though! They're 31" from end to end, and even though I'm really short, I love having the longer handles! They're 25" from ring to ring, the longest I've ever found!

It can be uncomfortable carrying a bag which is too far up one's...urm...underarm, but these handles help it sit perfectly. I used antique brass rivets through the large tab of the handles to keep them even more secure than just sewing would.

I also clipped on a long adjustable strap from U-Handbag, I just clipped it to the rings on the leather handles, and then I can throw the bag across my shoulder when I'm struggling to unlock the door, plus not drop Elvis, and carry my bags full of shopping!
(In the interests of full disclosure I could have made my own, but I was feeling far too lazy!)

I won't lie, this is a ginormous bag, but hey, when you like to carry the kitchen sink, that's perfect! As you can see, these longer handles are perfect for carrying my Carpet bag comfortably!

To share the love a little with the start of the new year, how would you like to win two of these handles for yourself? They're chocolate brown, the same as mine. They usually come as singles, but I've got two handles so you can replicate a comfortable carpet bag!

To win, simply follow me on Instagram, or 'like' the U-handbag facebook page!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
I can't wait to see your carpet bag!

p.s. entry are open internationally, I'll post them out to you wherever you are.

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  1. Love your version. Hadn't thought of those great elastic pockets in the Nappy Bag (loved making that bag too). I might need to try that. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Love your version. Hadn't thought of those great elastic pockets in the Nappy Bag (loved making that bag too). I might need to try that. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. love it and can any bag really be too big???

  4. That is a great bag!! One of these days, I'm going to sew again.

  5. Very pretty, the handles look fantastic!

  6. Love it! The fabric is fab and i love big bags. My current bag is too small

  7. I love this, it would be a perfect weekend / overnight bag for me (just right shape and size) and the design is so cute. I have entered and keeping everything tightly crossed.


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