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Hello! How do you do?

I've always wanted to say that since I read it in a famous five book. Apparently it's the right way to greet someone. (The how do you do, not the hello, I say hello lots)

Anyway, me. Gosh, this is hard, did everyone else find writing about themselves so hard?

My name is Samantha and as of writing I'm around 6 weeks away from my 30th birthday. (I'm hoping for a new dressing gown, rock and roll, that's me!)

Our village.

I live in the beautiful Welsh valleys with my husband Dus in our gorgeous village of Cwmaman. It's where the Stereophonics are from don't you know.

Dus (aka Dusband) hanging around in the village.

We met in June 2009 and by January 2010 we were married, moved to Wales to run the church youth group and ...no, wait, no kids yet...phew!

I cropped Dus' pint out of the picture so we could be 'family friendly'.

Dus is possibly the best husband I could ever have. He puts my fluffy socks on me in the mornings when he comes to wake me up. THAT my friends is true love!

Right, back to the subject in hand.

Dus and I are Christians and attend our local pentecostal church. Wait, are you meant to still say born again Christians or did that phrase go out of fashion along with 'Shine, Jesus, Shine'?

I pinched this from the church website, do you think I'll get in trouble?

I'm not sure we can really be called true Penties though, we're still learning the Pentecostal two step.

When we'd been in Wales around 6 months and it became clear that we weren't going to be able to find jobs anytime soon, Dus set up his own web development business, Hussey Coding and has spent the past couple of years building it up to a business that can support both of us and has some really great clients.

On top of the youth work at church, I've done a variety of other roles, some that paid, many that don't and my favourite one is seamstress and pattern designer. (That sounds far too grand a title for making up bags in my head!)

One day I'd love to have somewhere that people can come to for me to give sewing classes and teach my patterns but how I'd get my hands on half dozen sewing machines I have no idea!

I'm sure there's meant to be some laugh out loud moments in a good 'About me' page so hang on there til I go google some jokes.

"Two hunters are out hunting. One of them falls over and seems not to be breathing. His friend calls 911* and cries, “What do I do?” “Well, first, let’s make sure he’s dead,” says the operator. There is silence, and then a shot rings out. The hunter returns to the phone and says, “Okay, now what?"

According to the University of Hertfordshire this is the funniest joke of all time. I didn't laugh.

Now I'm stuck in a position where we're all looking around a bit awkwardly wondering when this party over here on my About Me page is gonna end.

Oh look, it's time for me to go spend 2 hours with a bunch of teenagers, how's that for timing?!

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