Stella Pleated bag


Usually I save posts about my new patterns until the testers have been through them like a plague of locusts through a corn field leaving no mistake uncovered.

Wait, did I just compare my lovely, beautiful, helpful pattern testers to locusts? Let's move on swiftly.

Today I thought I'd share it with you a bit earlier because I'm going to add it to the Lemon Squeezy Home's purse week flickr group.

Here she is in all her pleated round a curve glory. My, oh my it's hard to create a pleat round a curve without a pattern to follow! Fortunately for you, now I've created a pattern to follow ;)

Underneath the flap there's a flat curved top? Wow, I'm good at descriptions today!

I thought she'd look rockin' in some tweedy wool fabric I have but it was a NIGHTMARE to sew with, be warned testers of mine, be warned!

I thought I'd photograph it on a plain background this time round to give my cover dude an easier time of it. Then I kept changing my mind on what colour I wanted. I suspect he was a bit annoyed when he sent over this version for approval.

I'm not sure whether it'd help it sell well or not but we chose to go with the red and white checked version instead. Here's the final front cover, the pattern is due to be released at the end of October, keep checking back then as I'll be giving away a copy as usual, as I'm sure will my pattern testers.

I feel like it's missing something....a sword wielding warrior perhaps?

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  1. Wow, what a gorgeous bag! It's just beautiful... and I know firsthand how well written your patterns are! If you ever need another pattern tester, you know where to find me.

  2. I LOVE this bag - let me know if you ever need another pattern tester! You can find me at

  3. LOL. Definitely needs the Samurai wielding warrior (not). I take it you got the hint??
    She looks lovely.
    I wonder how far I can manage to challenge her (and me) with some busy/fun fabric.

  4. cute, I love this!!! I'm into purses right now :o) Pinned!


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