Stashbusting September: The weigh in!


ok, so only one of you commented that you wanted to know how much of my stash I'd used so I'll put you all one out of your misery.

I started in with 88kg (194lbs) of stash if you'll remember rightly.

By making lots of stuff and taking out jars and excess boxes and basically de-cluttering and simplifying my stash now (as of Monday 1st October) weighs ...



I feel the need for a drumroll....can someone do a drum roll for me please?

42kg (92lbs)

That's less than half, can you believe it? I can't believe it!!

I've got so much else to do but maybe it's nearly time to start working on my unfinished projects as they're bursting out of the unfinished projects drawer!!

Urgh, and then there's Christmas gifts to start making too!

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  1. WOW. Nice going! You busted that stash good :D

  2. Wow! Halved the stash - great work. Do you plan to keep going past September?
    I have an ongoing project to de-stash. It is quite a challenge but worth it.


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