August Organising - Week 2 - Clothes, shoes & bags


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Urgh...really...? I can hear you all groaning. But it's one of the biggest tasks so it's best to get it done and out the way so we can go onto the lovely things like pen pots and button jars later. I'm kidding, I don't think we will do pen pots.

Anyway, so clothes, shoes and bags. I've done my shoe rack, my wardrobe, chest of drawers, boxes above my wardrobe, suitcase of clothes to keep in the hope I one day wear them again and handbag stand.

I'll just post my wardrobe here then add the others into the linky at the bottom. Just so's I look popular and all.

Ok, you often have a scene similar to this in your bedroom?

Yes, I am ashamed of myself!
This is a classic sign that you need to sort out your wardrobe!! Or hire a small elf to put your clothes away.

Anyway, this is how my wardrobe started out.

I'm storing lost of my little sister's treasured items for her while she's still redecorating after the re-wire. I got fed up of them being in the living room so put them in my wardrobe. Don't judge :)

Everything still in the wardrobe is not ours. Pretend it's not there. Except the two cream boxes on the top shelf with my jumpers in. And the black hangers. Everything else.

So, I took everything out of my wardrobe and immediately into a few different piles.

1) Summer wear - the stuff that I may never get a chance to wear this year but maybe will if we have a summer next year.

2) All year round wear

3) Posho clothes that we rarely wear which can be packed away

4) Clothes that need dyeing, sewing, altering

5) Clothes to go to the charity shop (I put these straight in the bag so I wasn't tempted to pull things out again but then had to count it all up so had to unpack and repack it all.)

I was quite hard on myself and tried to think when I had last worn something. I had dresses that I wore to an event 4 years ago and don't fit me anymore. That's a double reason to get rid of them. If I haven't gone to a posho event in 4 years then there's no reason to keep them and even if I did go to a posho event these wouldn't fit me. Anyway, they went.

I started putting things back in order. Jumpers on one stacking hanger, then cardigans (I'm ALWAYS cold) then skirts & trousers, then tops.

Then on the last black stacking hanger I put my summer clothes. In theory if they're easy to get then I'll try to wear them if it ever warms up enough.

Dusband went through his posho clothes and we managed to get rid of a few things from him. He hasn't worn a suit for work in many, many, many years....if ever. We rarely go to occasions where he needs to look smart so we managed to whittle it down to one suit, one extra pair of trousers, 2 shirts and 2 ties. So I guess he'll be ok if he has one event the day after the other.

We kept out his trousers and shirt for a party we're going to in September (which I obviously still don't have anything to wear to despite my well stocked wardrobe) and the rest was packed away with my suit.

The excess hangers went into a recycling bag to be taken away next week, the clothes to be altered into my sewing area and the wardrobe was done. Lovely!

What, you don't hang your bras in the wardrobe on those lovely plastic hangers they come on?!
This is the aftermath of the wardrobe.

I've got my eye on you messy chest of drawers over there......
In total from the wardrobe I relieved myself of:

41 x hangers
35 34 x items of clothing (ok, one snuck back in).

75 items total

So far, that's a grand total of 193 items. 1818 to go!

Link up below and let's see who can get the highest total on this week!

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