The shoe rack


Disclaimer: Just because I was able to get rid of some pairs of shoes doesn't mean I had too many, nor does it mean I now have enough.

So, this post is for my shoe rack as part of my August Organising challenge week 2 - clothes, shoes & bags.


This little nook is also home to the vacuum cleaner and often the radio depending on where I am when I want to listen to it!

I sorted and organised and tidied and here's the shoes/boots that I'll be getting rid of.

3 pairs of footwear to be thrown in the bin, 3 to charity shop and 4 for ebay. If you'd like to bid on them they're listed here.

I was reluctant to get rid of the boots as they'd been £95 and were still comfy. Hush puppies generally are. I've only worn them a handful of times though and they were bought for me by a client from my past life. It was tough to wear them without the memories coming back so I thought it was time to pass them on.

Here's my shoe rack after.

Much better!

So in total I got rid of 10 items (and another 3 crafting items somehow) which takes my grand total up to 206 items. 1805 to go!!

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