The drawers


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The drawers.....they shouldn't be too bad seeing as I organised a little system for them in January right.....? WRONG!

I tidied the top easily enough so at least they look nice from a distance.

Ignore the where else to store it
So the top drawer is Dus' drawer. I did a little tidy...he is a very neat person.

The next drawer is my unmentionables drawer. Only I just mentioned them....and am now going to show you a pic...ah well.

So before I had two little baskets for my undies and it wouldn't work, it was all too much effort. Now I have a basket for tights (see here for how to fold tights), a basket for tiny socks, a basket for ankle socks and a basket for undies. I used to fold my undies all nice but then they'd be a mess. Now as long as they're in the basket....that's enough!

The next drawer down is my tops & t shirts.

Not a massive change but a chance to be rid of the holey old and tidy the others.

Finally the bottom drawer is my nightwear. (and other random things like beach shorts....cos I only wear shorts on the beach...obviously!)

In theory I shouldn't have needed to put before/after on any of these pics...but I ner.

Anyway, so I got rid of 13 items for charity/bin (most bin) and 8 t shirts to be cut up into tarn to finish my rag rug. Yes, the one I started a month ago...and promised a tutorial on.
Moving on....

So that's a total of 21 items this post, a grand total of 227 items. 1784 to go!

I haven't done my bags yet or the boxes above the wardrobe....eek!

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  1. I think it is about time for me to do some organizing around here. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  2. I've just finished doing up the outside of my drawers, next is this!


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