The un-shed


Hello lovelies :)

How are we all getting on with our dressing tables/vanities?

Don't forget to go link them up here. You've got 8 hours left from time of writing and so far no one has linked up...but that's ok, I'm not taking it personally!

So, the weekend saw me in a good mood. The sun was shining, I'd gotten dressed and made up in relative tidiness.....wardrobe...eek!

So I thought I'd go tackle the un-shed. We call it the un-shed because it's our answer to a shed. What with us being poverty stricken home deposit saving kinda people.

This is what it looked like when it first arrived with us and we put it up. Awwww, it looks so beautiful!

Anyway, needless to say the inside was pristine then as we only just had it. A harsh heavy snowfalling winter and a cigarette butt from who knows where later and this is what he (I think it's a he) looks like.

The random colouring is my fault for having it on indoor mode when outdoors.
Anyway....he's a wonky donkey and inside isn't much better!

Phew, back to outdoor mode.

A mish mash is what this un-shed was. Nothing was useful as we couldn't find anything! We had old bits of wood, painting stuffs, tools, plant pots, in fact...everything in the world was in here!

Plus, where the lit cigarette butt hit we had a hole (Dusband patched it when we realised) and water got in. Water is still getting in around the front zip despite it's 'fully weatherproof' claims so both sides have small puddles of water no matter whether it's been raining that day or not.

Anyway, so I took everything out and sorted it, throwing out what we didn't need. The tools have now come to live in our kitchen to help prolong their lives as have our gardening tools.

This is what it looks like now.

Bike tools in the red box (Daren't touch these!), plant pots all stacked neatly.

Painting 'stuff' and nothing in the puddle zone!
It makes me feel happy to know it's sorted. The 22 items I threw away are being added to my 2011 countdown and I've rid myself of a grand total of 118 items so far. 1893 items to go!

p.s. don't forget to check back tomorrow for this week's August Organising task! xx

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